One of Those Days?

You know it’s Monday and the first day back from vacation when:

  • Outlook Express will not open and you lose your entire address book.
  • The waitress at lunch serves your iced coffee across the table and directly onto your white eyelet skirt and white cable sweater.
  • You have an evening meeting and not enough time for the 90 minute round trip home to change.
  • Marshall’s has nothing in your size except pants for a giant.
  • The only other place in town you can find a new outfit in a hurry is Wal-Mart.
  • Your lavendar sandals matched your sleeveless shirt (also coffee-stained).
  • You have to buy new shoes, too, also at Wal-Mart.

On the other hand, you’ve watched enough episodes of What Not to Wear to have an idea of how to put an outfit together in a hurry. You leave with:

  • Black capris
  • White tank
  • Yellow eyelet overshirt with snaps (because, darn it, this was an eyelet day!)
  • Black and white striped espadrilles with a little ribbon run through them and a bow (because, seriously, it takes some cheering up, doesn’t it?)

How’s your Monday?

20 thoughts on “One of Those Days?”

  1. Well, I am leaving in the same clothes I got here in so I would have to say mine is better.
    But dang girl, you sound like you must be stylin in the new outfit!!

  2. NOT GOOD.
    I have– no had– a partial bridge that came out yesterday. I thought no big deal; just get it glued back in. Not so fast…it’s a complicated story but it can’t be reinstated. Two options: 2 implants and crowns that our paltry dental insurance won’t cover. That option costs $8,000. The other option is a new bridge. After insurance I will owe 2200. I paid the first 800 a while ago.
    Can I just shoot myself now?

  3. Songbird, it sounds like you had a rocky start to the day. (My chief complaint here is rain, rain, more rain, and wet through to the skin). Here’s hoping the day improved from that point!

  4. ok, i’m feeling better. i love the picture you painted of your shoes. i’m also glad you got to hold on to the eyelet motiff! and especially after losing 11 lbs doesn’t it feel a whole lot better going shopping! xxoo 😉

  5. I have never been able to wear white -I’m a dirt/stain magnet.
    I think that Cheesehead would approve of your shoe selection – picture???
    I hope the tea stain comes out also!

  6. Aw, frak.
    Other than that I wanted my conference paper to be done by now, I guess my Monday’s alright. Hope your Tuesday is better. And the new outfit sounds awfully cute.

  7. Ain’t it just the way. You were so brave to wear white, the aerobic stain magnet, without allowing time to change before gigs. And so clever to put that new outfit together fast. That’s really hard to do. But I’ll wager that outfit becomes a favorite.
    If the coffee stains don’t come out, soak the whole thing in coffee and it should come out a nice color.
    And Rev Rosa 🙁 on your teeth. (()) to you.

  8. I love the white eyelet skirt. I treated it with Zout as soon as I changed my clothes. (Although tea or coffee-dying it is certainly an option.)The white cardigan is aging, so I won’t weep for it…much…if it has to be sacrificed.
    The shoes are really, really cute. I didn’t have the camera with me, but I’ll post a picture soon.
    Watch out for that iced coffee, friends. It’s a dangerous weapon!

  9. What a day! Hope today is better, but am impressed with your re-dress skills! Will try and get a note out to you later! Hugs!

  10. Sounds like you’re stylin’… who knew you could do that speed shopping at Walmart? Hope today was a better day!

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