A Few Things About My Trip to Vermont

Good Things We Did:
Hike at Shelburne Farms
Boat Ride on Lake Champlain
Lots of Reading
Exciting Purchase at Local Yarn Store (okay, that was just me)
Got There and Back on One Tank of Gas

Not So Good Things We Did:
Getting Drenched
Coming up Lame While Walking in Town (that was just me, too)

Good Things Pure Luck Did:
Finding Sheltered Place for Wife
Running Uphill to Retrieve Car
Finding Way Back to Wife

Things We Brought Home:
Breugger’s Bagels
(Not for me, I only had half a bagel for breakfast.)

Things We Saw:
Pepsi. Everywhere. No, really. Only Pepsi.

Things We Did Not See
Bank of America

8 thoughts on “A Few Things About My Trip to Vermont”

  1. The thought of being drenched sounds heavenly to me right now. Funny how a drought changes perspective!
    the farm you went to looks wonderful!

  2. Maggie, there is a Pepsi bottling plant in the area, and it’s true, all the restaurants and outdoor drink machines seemed to say Pepsi.
    I LOVE Pepsi, but I don’t love Diet Pepsi, and that is all I’m doing in the soda department these days, diet. Ugh.

  3. Good to have you home…ugh re diet drinks. I hate the taste, so am doing water, water and only water in that slot. At least I feel virtuous 😉

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