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These Few Things

We’ve had a pretty quiet day here, but let me just say these few things:

1) The weather was gorgeous. I enjoyed sitting on my front lawn in a low chair re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, while Molly enjoyed lying on the lawn chewing a stick and keeping me company.

2) The Princess and I went downtown to the charming and usually crowded shopping area and actually found a parking space on the first pass. We went to a local bookstore and pre-paid for two copies of Harry Potter the Seventh to pick up on Friday night, late. Then we visited a store that sells Philosophy products and came home with a beautiful pink bag full of thing that will make us gorgeous, or so we have been told. We’ll at least have nice-smelling hair.

3) I enjoyed talking on the phone with one faraway friend and Google chatting with another.

4) I am thrilled to announce that there is a Thomas’ English Muffin with so much fiber it counts as only 1 point on the Flex Plan, and further that it made a good base for a home-made pizza-resembling dinner. I’m also delighted to report that Fat-Free mozzarella cheese is quite edible. I really didn’t envy the rest of the family, eating Domino’s.

5) No, really. I mean it!

6) Further, I am delighted to report that the makers use the s’ in the old-fashioned way. That pleases me.

7) On a more serious note, I am grateful for the reflections I read yesterday and today on The Good Samaritan, particularly Milton’s. Somehow I finally got the message that I don’t need to live in the ditch, half dead, anymore, where some past experiences are concerned, although there is also the uncomfortable truth about needing to love the people connected to them.

8) Finally, although he drove to a neighboring state and climbed a mountain and returned all in the same day, Pure Luck kindly accompanied me on a 40 or so minute walk. We just went a little more slowly than usual.

12 thoughts on “These Few Things”

  1. I wish we had a store that sells that smell good stuff – nearest if 250 miles away – all I can say is I sure do smell good and the other stuff is pretty nice too.
    I will have to check out the muffins!

  2. Pssst… I don’t know if you have a Papa Murphy’s near you, but their Thin DeLite pizzas are generally about 4 pts. per slice. 😉

  3. There’s a brand of bagels called Western Bagel Co. I found them in CA, but you an order them off of their website. They have what they call the “alternative bagel” in different flavors – country white, wheat, onion (I think) – that have lots of fiber and are only 1 pt. They’re pretty yummy.
    One thing about WW is that I started enjoying the challenge of creating low point, big tasting meal choices.

  4. there’s a canadian brand that has really good, high fiber bread and bagels.
    also, thanks for the link to Milton.

  5. That is a great list. I have some more sweet-smelling Philosophy goodies on order for my birthday – Yippee!!

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