Sabbath Prayer

Gracious and Holy God,
I thank you for vacation.
I am grateful for a break in the schedule, even though I love my work.
I am grateful for a Sunday morning in pajamas, possibly spent reading the Sunday paper, which usually doesn’t get touched.
I am grateful to be able to let my children sleep late this morning.
I am grateful that the whole day will unfold lazily, with no great responsibilities.
I might read a book, Lord, if you think that sounds all right.
I am grateful for the chance to postpone a walk until late morning or even late afternoon.
I am grateful for the corn on the cob we will eat later in the day, for the scattered thunderstorms in the forecast, for the open stillness of this summer Sunday.
Bless us this day,
Creator of the seasons,
Friend along the journey,
Comforter in all trials.

14 thoughts on “Sabbath Prayer”

  1. I hope the day has been as joyful and blessed as your prayer. Will you get to go somewhere during vacation? You may have already posted that here before but I do have my senior moments…
    I thought of you this morning and again this afternoon as I made my way back through what it means to me to be an adoptive parent. An article in today’s NYT really tripped me up…

  2. Rosa, in the magazine section? I’m just reading it online.
    We’re headed to Vermont for a couple of days later in the week, just Pure Luck and me. Yay!

  3. Yup. It’s called “your gammet, myself.” Blogged about it a while ago…
    One of these days…I am going to get back to Boston and then find my way through New England including Vermont. I will come to see you. In the meantime, I will wish fair winds for you and Pure Luck!

  4. Beautiful prayer, speaking of a beautiful Sabbath. Thanks for sharing .. and vacation blessings to you!

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