After many previous fruitless attempts I am delighted to be on the Internet long enough to wave from Greater Hotlanta, where I am in a Starbucks with St. Casserole, Cheesehead, Quotidian Grace, Mary Beth of Terrapin Station, Questing Parson, Natalie (Take My Hand) and Reverend Mommy. We had a great meeting today and are resting here before dinner. Will Smama joined us and will be back with us tomorrow.

We are having fun!

When you realize a Starbucks biscotti costs as many points as a baked potato, you think twice about having one.

Best moment: When St. Casserole was asked for her name at the counter, she said "Sweetheart."

She is, and so are they all.

18 thoughts on “Hey!”

  1. Also, there was a public kiss. Can you guess who gave it to whom? Prizes for the person who gets it right, and for the person with the funniest answer.

  2. my, i have no idea who kissed whom. might have been a group kiss – or any combination therein. glad you all are having fun and able to be together!
    and a biscotti is what!!??! yeesh…best to stick with the unsweetened iced t (which I love)…(of course the dark chocolate covered grahams are a draw for me…wonder how many points in those?)

  3. ooh, hard to know that about a biscotti. all of a sudden I’m going to get much more prudent in my eating habits.
    plus, have fun!

  4. Hugs to everyone! Wish I were there. :..( (I don’t know the official way to make a boo-hooing emoticon)
    I suppose all of us who are Left Behind need to get busy and round up teh Clooney and friends.

  5. you mean there was PUBLIC KISSING??? DETAILS! Pictures!
    How come an innocent biscotti can have so many points? Surely since you are traveling, and you are closer to the equator, it should reduce the amount of points it counts!
    Enjoy the deep south and good friends!

  6. Thanks for the wave. Glad you’re having fun … and looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

  7. My guess is that Questing Parson kissed everyone.
    ‘Cause he’s a sweetie.
    (Not that the rest of you aren’t, of course!)
    Wish I were there!!!!

  8. Oh, I wish I was there with you!!!! I’m glad you had a good meeting.
    Not sure about the public kissing. I thought perhaps y’all had run into teh Clooney. He would have been kissing everyone. You know how he is.

  9. Having lunch with teh Clooney. I’ll ask him if he wants to attend next year’s gathering. *nose bonks on computer screen as it grows 18 inches*
    Questin Parson kissed someone? In public? Does his wife know? It could’a been any one of those gorgeous babes that Quotidian Grace posted pictures of at her place.
    Wish I was there. Sounds like you all are having the time of your lives! Happy planning.

  10. LOL@St. Casserole. I’m within a few miles of you all but too shy to stick my head in, even as I imagine what fun you’re having. Consider this my decorous wave.

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