A Thousand Posts Later

I started blogging quite some time ago with the idea that I might pick up my habit of journaling again, after something of a hiatus. It has turned out to be something a little different than I expected.

Blogging brought new friends into my life. I’ve written before about how much they mean to me. Some of them have become a webring and then a 501(c)3, and I’ll be meeting with some of them for the next few days in Atlanta, planning the Big Event to be held by RevGalBlogPals in 2008. It’s strange, but the ones I have not met in person yet are almost as real to me as the ones I have met.  And the newer additions to the ring have also become friends, some very quickly, as it happens in "real" life.

Maintaining a blog has become a hobby and a commitment (and perhaps at times an obsession).  I learned how to do it by wanting the things I saw on other people’s blogs and figuring out how to install them myself. This is why I tell new bloggers that they can learn this, too, for I am middle-aged and self-taught.

Most of all, blogging gets me writing more often and in more ways, and each type of writing feeds the others. It led to writing for the local paper, and that led to re-connecting with my childhood friend, Ruby, who is a blogger now herself! Sermon writing flows in a way it never did before because I am writing all the time. Some days I get home and MUST write before I can do anything else. It’s become clear that writing is my deep gladness; I hope it’s also true that it in some way meets the world’s deep needs. As I consider the next step of my life and ministry, more time for writing would appear to be a necessity.

Writing for the blog, even deciding which aspects of my life to disclose and which to cloak to some extent, makes me more conscious of who I really am, pushes me to be clear about what my life and my experiences are saying. It also points out what I don’t want others to know, usually the things I wish I did not know myself.

In honor of this post numbered 1000, I hope you’ll say hello, especially if you’re a lurker. We’re approaching the neighborhood of 9000 comments since I came over to Typepad, so there may well be a little souvenir of my trip for commenter #9000. Thank you for your feedback, your friendship, your love. May the next thousand posts prove as fruitful.

48 thoughts on “A Thousand Posts Later”

  1. Thank you, Songbird, for sharing in honor of your 1000th post. I’m learning by doing myself, and still have a long way to go. I have found it reviving to my love of writing (for a long time I feared I had “writer’s block”). I think it is also invigorating my sermon-writing, although too soon to tell.
    You are inspiring! Keep on inspiring others!

  2. Congrats on 1,000 posts, Songbird! That’s some milestone.
    Yes, writing regularly builds the writing muscles. Yours are strong and well defined. And what you write nearly always touches my heart and makes me think. For that, I thank you.
    And I so enjoy reading the interaction here among you and your minister friends. Because of it, your blog always feels both wonderfully human and wonderfully holy. It is a blessing to more people than you know.

  3. Thank you, Songbird, for who you are, for what your blog is, and your friendship! 1000th post! To here a toast!

  4. I feel blessed to be invited into the blogging world by Katherine E. With her connection to RevGalBlogPals, I am getting to know so many interesting people. Thank you all, and thank you, Songbird,for this post about writing. I’ve been a failure at journaling for so many years, with starts and stops, and no consistency. I’m amazed that blogging gets me back day after day and looking forward to seeing what everyone else has written. I really identified with your story, and now it’s your 1000th post! WOW!

  5. woohoo! we are like blog sisters in the 1000 post club.
    Except I suspect you got here a little quicker than I did….and I KNOW that your write more eloquently than I. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.

  6. Congratulations on your 1000th post! What a milestone! You were one of my first bloggy friends and I so appreciate your words of kindness and support. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to more fun and writine in our future!

  7. Grace and wisdom are two words that come to mind in the short time I have been reading your blog via RGBP. Congratulations and thank you!!!

  8. Gosh, am I glad I came back to reading your blog! A thousand posts is just incredible! I join the others in thanking and congratulating you, Songbird. You do write with remarkable insight and elegance. And I promise to check in more frequently.

  9. Hi! I lurk most of the time, and comment occassionally. It’s very interesting to read your reflections on writing – see how things look from the other side of the keyboard, so to speak.
    Enjoy your trip!

  10. Mary Beth, you’re Commenter #9000! Since I’ll be seeing you on the trip, I’ll bring you a little something from home.
    Next commenter gets the Atlanta souvenir!

  11. Congratulations on 1000 posts and thanks for all you do for RGBPs. I am looking forward to August when I can become an “official” RevGal after 3 months of blogging. The support of this on-line community is amazing!

  12. Wow, congratulations! I’ve enjoyed getting to “know” you. You’ve inspired me in many ways and you were a big help during my early days of blogging illiteracy. Here’s to celebrating your many gifts, including blogging!

  13. Congratulations! I have no idea how I found you, but I appreciate your writing and your dedication. I often consider blogging myself, but can’t decide how much to disclose, so I haven’t started.

  14. Songbird, what a wonderful blog–it is so obvious how writing, your deep gladness, is such a gift to so many of us. Way is opening… 🙂

  15. Woo-hoo! Too late for the prize, but I still want to send you congratulations on your 1000th post and 9000th comment.
    You’re an inspiration to so many of us!

  16. *delurking*
    congrats on 1000 posts! I’ve been following your blog for a year or so now, and just love it! Your deep gladness found in writing has been a gift to me in my own discernment process. I even have a few favorite “songbird” quotes in my pile of inspirational and thought-provoking index cards! 🙂
    You’ve got me thinking about attempting a written blog…no promises, though!
    Thanks for all your wonderful writing!

  17. Hooray! (cue applause from ruby, garden girl, four children, two dogs, one cat, two geckos, one hamster, three koi, ten goldfish, seven guinea fowl and some neighbors) You rock. Safe travels to Atlanta.
    P.S. I’m thankful for blogging because it brought you back into my life. XOXO

  18. Happy 1000! It has been fun “getting to know you” in the blog world. I look forward to actually meeting you one day. You and your blog are a joy. I’ve learned by reading yours. Thanks! So how many years will I need to read to read your next 1000? (I plan to be there, I’m just curious)

  19. Congratulations Friend-Who-I-Haven’t-Met-Yet. You are so precious (and I mean that in the fabulously irreplaceable way, not in the syrupy cutie-pie way…).
    Rock on.

  20. Can’t really imagine there was a time before I knew you – thank you, my dear friend, for your writing, for being real – and for your friendship beyond the net.
    Loves, hugs and congratulations xxxxx (multiply to provide one kiss per post!)

  21. Congratulations on your thousandth post! And, hey, you’re gonna be in Atlanta? Really? Any chance you’ll have a break sometime during your visit?

  22. I’m about a 90% lurker, but I’ll emerge from the shadows briefly to say congratulations. I read your blog almost every day.

  23. Happy 1000th post! I’m terribly impressed.
    I am certain your next 1000 will be as touching and inspiring, and as much of a blessing to your readers, as the first.

  24. Those before me have said it so well … THANK YOU … for the many gifts of insight and inspiration … and for your role in RGBP. I think you can tell, we appreciate you!

  25. hello from a mostly-lurker…always read and always enjoy. Thanks for this part of your ministry.

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