Something I Could Do Without, Seriously

It’s the night before jazz camp and I’m trying to get bed linens ready for Snowman to take. I go up to the attic bedroom the boys share and find piles of towels, clothes and bed linens all over the room. The sheets stripped by the Domestic Goddess last week *had* been in a hamper, but apparently that hamper was needed elsewhere.

Of course Baby the Cat peed on them.


11 thoughts on “Something I Could Do Without, Seriously”

  1. We use Nature’s Miracle, but that stuff is very expensive. She peed on my dirty clothes (in a basket), too, so perhaps the boys are not criminally negligent for leaving things on the floor. Except that they are.

  2. Was the door to the litterbox closed? That’s what happened at our house. I pick up the slip covers from the cleaners next week. Will be interesting to see if the smell is gone. Man I can relate to that not needing any more surprises feeling.
    I smell your pain.

  3. Some cats are just really drawn to piles of soft fabric (sheets, towels, clothes)…in all my years of having cats (6 total) I’ve only had one cat that did that – or I should say – does that. It does become tiresome. I but Natures Miracle in the biggest container I can find….(on sale).
    Best wishes for a good time for you and your family on your various adventures of camp and vacation.

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