Friday Five: Hasty Edition

As posted by reverendmother at RevGalBlogPals:

Today, what are you:

1. Wearing — black skirt purchased at Steinmart in Gulf Coast Town as part of my effort at supporting the hurricane recovery; black top purchased while walking through a Wal-mart to use the rest room and feeling mildly guilty about buying nothing there.

2. Reading — I have two books going. I’m still finishing up Walking the Bible, and I’m nearly finished with Let Your Life Speak (Parker Palmer). I’m really not rushing through either of them, as I am finding them so enriching. (Links in the sidebar)

3. Eating — 1/2 cup tuna with fat free Miracle Whip over romaine lettuce and grape tomatoes dressed with two teaspoons olive oil and a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar — all Core! We’re going out to Applebee’s tonight, and I have saved 10 of my weekly points to order from their Weight Watchers menu.

4. Doing — shopping for Snowman, who leaves for Vacationland Jazz Camp on Sunday; hoping to get downtown and find the store that sells Philosophy products; going in at 3 for an annual mammogram (slight joke, since the last one was two years ago).

5. Pondering — my life, how to let it speak, whether I want to hear what it has to say, and even if I do, whether my family can tolerate it.

You can play, too, RevGal or not!

22 thoughts on “Friday Five: Hasty Edition”

  1. #3 – great! You’re getting those essential oils, and I’m bad with that. I’m doing the flex points because that’s always worked for me, but I’m wondering if I should switch to core. The chicken salad on the WW menu is really good – it’s big and filling.

  2. I love wearing black on black!
    I hope you will enjoy philosophy. I would feel like crud if somebody bought it on my recommendation, then hated it. That stuff is not cheap!
    Your lunch has inspired me.

  3. I like the Core Plan so far, but I have a morbid fear of going in to be weighed tomorrow and finding I’ve lost nothing despite a herculean effort. That would be very, very bad.

  4. We read Palmer’s book for 1st year colloquium and I really liked it. I thought he did a good job describing depression. And, the story of him rock-climbing ROCKS (uh, didn’t mean the pun but oh well!).

  5. Be gentle with yourself and the weighing in. When I first started on my journey to health, I only weighed in once a month. The temptation at first was to check every day, but it helped to not be so obsessed on the scale. You rock and keep remembering that!

  6. ellbee, I’m just making up my own stuff. I’ve worked all week at finding ways to do dinners similar to those we usually eat while accommodating my “special needs.” So far, not so bad. The family actually ate polenta!

  7. Yeah, the scale everyday is not a good place to go. It’s far better to go by the new looseness in your clothes.
    and more on Vacationland Jazz Camp please. That sounds interesting.

  8. I love Palmer’s book. And I am so impressed with your discipline with WW. I’m a WW dropout for umpteenth time. I’ll keep reading so I can be inspired. Thanks.

  9. re the weigh in … I’m sure it’s ok … and the main thing is you’ve made a start!
    wondering if WW would be for me – but the recipes here are for Finns and sigh I don’t know … but I do need to do something even DD told me that yesterday
    I’ve been sick since then (really) so that’s a way to start I guess … not what I wanted though

  10. Well, there is no looseness yet. It’s early days. And I don’t own a scale, so have no fear I’ll overdose. I have a WW meeting tomorrow morning.
    Kristabeth, it is surprisingly good. Unlike Fat Free Sugar Free pudding, which is horrifying!

  11. The nearest pllace that carries philosophy products, according to the web site is 250 miles away in all directions — one would think there would be one closer or either it isn’t being listed.

  12. Your lunch sounds delicious. I hope you enjoy your dinner out and that you find those important products for your son to take to camp, all the cool stuff for a cool (jazz) camp!

  13. you sound like the Core plan is really working for you–I’m very impressed. When I tried that, I ate a ton. I had to switch back to points.
    now, however, I eat what I want–I just watch the portion size. And I go to the gym. and I try not to stress about it.
    and then I read your blog to motivate me to want healthier things!

  14. don’t feel guilty about not buying anything at Walmart. Write more about Vacationland Jazz Band! Sounds fun! And you are making me feel guilty about not dieting… hmmm… gotta start working on that.

  15. The lunch sounds wonderful! I hope you have a great time dining out tonight. Isn’t it great to have a restaurant that caters to those counting points?

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