15 thoughts on “Just Passing Through”

  1. Watched “The Queen” with the Spouseman. Pretty amazing. My younger brother is a professor of semiotics at a university in England and he did a bunch of research about the language used around Diana’s death. I wish he were to talk about it 10 years later. Happy rest! R

  2. Summer playdate with my son. We went to Chuck E. Cheese while the car got new oil, then went to see “Evan Almighty”. Very very funny. Loved it. Now, after dinner, have to pull another working night to midnight…….(yawn). Fresh fruit and scrabble…sounds fun.

  3. Quiet night. I’m reading blogs and watching a ballgame while my cielo studies. Just saw Craig Biggio of the Astros, one of my favorite ballplayers, get his 3,000th hit. Pretty cool.

  4. Husband working. Son with friends. Daughter and I had dinner together and watched “So, you think you can dance,” and the final episode of “Studio 60.” (sadly one of the smartest television shows on the air, bites the dust in lieu of more bad reality tv?). Did some blogging. Now, I’ll read my book, “The Elegant Gathering of White Snows,” by Kris Radish and then go to sleep. Light weight, quiet night.

  5. Tonight we celebrated my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. We had a lovely dinner at a restaurant just outside of the city limits. The country setting was beautiful and the meal was excellent. My in-laws are such wonderful people so it was really great to have this family time with them.

  6. Yay, Lisa V!! Can’t wait to “talk” about it!
    Sue, sounds lovely.
    mompriest, we’re grieving Studio 60, too. I DVRed the final episode to watch later.
    Diane, what was the book?
    Swaps, you say, Mindy? Are you going to run another one soon?
    towanda, that must have been very cool.
    PG, good to hear it, I’ll try and see it.
    And Rosa, I haven’t seen “The Queen” yet, I’ll put it on my Netflix list.

  7. apples to apples???
    just back from sailing. Tonight off to medeival fayre in the city – promised to usher at the med. evensong (Gregorian chant) … now wish I hadn’t and I could go to bed. horrible migraine building up 🙁

  8. Apples to apples sounds like something I need to know about before Sunday afternoon,when we’re having OpenHouse worship combine with a strawberry tea in the vicarage garden, if the rain holds off…Theme for worship, clearly, Be Fruitful…Fruity treasure hunt. Put the fruit on the tree game…Oranges and lemons…
    But apples to apples? (sounds like a bit of the burial rite on speed!)
    Tell all.
    I spent last night writing wedding sermon and propping eyelids open so I could go and collect Hugger Steward from school trip to theatre in London. Late, late night…

  9. For our overseas friends, Apples to Apples is a word game. You deal out a hand to each player of cards which list a noun, then players take turns at being the “judge” and turning over an adjective card. The rest of the players choose a noun card to go with the adjective, and the judge chooses his or her favorite. Quite hilarious when you have no cards that have anything to do with the adjective at hand.

  10. fYI — the book was Ladder of Years, by Anne Tyler. Thanks for asking. And next month, Children of God Go Bowling, by Shannon Olson. I’m looking forward to that one.

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