Knit Without Ceasing

Finished Business (Almost)

Monkey_3The pattern is Monkey, and the yarn is from Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. Both delighted the knitter, and the knitter’s daughter, too.

Since these are for my sock pal in Sockapalooza 4, I anticipate another pair will be required.

14 thoughts on “Finished Business (Almost)”

  1. Oh. Some day I’ll know how to knit socks. For now. Straight lines, shawls and scarves…sigh. But I do love it. These, in the photo, are beautiful!

  2. yes, someday I want to learn to knit socks too. I’m having trouble getting the shawl done right now, so I’d better stick to that But someday… and RED socks too!

  3. Great monkeys … I love them posed on the Scrabble board.
    Didn’t get a chance to post below … I think the haircut looks smashing on you, and am, to be honest, taken aback at how GROWN UP your boys are. What handsome young men they are.

  4. A real game of Scrabble followed. Despite managing to play the “Q” on a Triple Letter score, I lost rather magnificently. Oh, well.

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