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Ask, and It Shall Be Given Unto You


New Haircut Blog Version

(Left to Right: #1 Son, Songbird and Snowman)

Don’t we have great hair?

I’m sorry. What ‘s that?

You wanted something other than the traditional blogger’s pose?

Oh, all right. If you insist.

Bird and Boys

Bigger versions at Flickr.

39 thoughts on “Ask, and It Shall Be Given Unto You”

  1. It is cute.
    And my kid has that Mind the Gap shirt, too.
    And my kid has just recently gotten all tall and stuff, too.

  2. #1 Son is growing a big beard for a play later this summer. Snowman is just growing, for no particular reason. And for those who asked, The Princess decided Band Camp was great, after all.

  3. EXCELLENT hair…all of it! It looks really really good.
    And Snowman’s t shirt took me back to our transatlantic competition last summer. How come it’s a whole year since you were here, and when can we do it again?

  4. I love the haircut! Very cute-chic. Tell your sons they should smile!! Very handsome boys.

  5. What perfectly gorgeous hair! I love love love it!
    And what excellent young men you have.
    and I’m glad the Princess is “down” with band camp.
    🙂 Yea! What a great way to start my day!

  6. I just fixed an iced coffee to toast your fabulous new do! You look light and happy – I love it!

  7. OMG!! I love this! You’re adorable and so are the boys. I’m so glad to have real pictures of them to go with the ones in my head.

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