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Late Night Asterisks of Sunday

*The beautiful background music of this late evening blogging session? My dishwasher, working as it should again.

*When Pure Luck suggested a new walking route, I knew it would be longer than the old one, but I went along and kept up the same brisk pace I have achieved the past two days. He said it would be a little longer. Our recently expanded neighborhood route took us about 20 minutes last night, and I was working hard to keep that pace. Tonight we made sure to time the new walk, I kept up a similar pace for 35 minutes! Yay, me! The trick is to have 35 minutes available to take the darn walk.

*I am seriously drinking a lot of water.

*I am embarrassed to admit, however, that the whole time I was preaching about natural thirst and drinking deep at the well, I had the remains of a Coffee Coolatta sitting on the ledge beneath the pulpit.

*My half-grey hair is making me slightly crazy. I predict a sudden change of hairdresser, probably within the next 48 hours.

*#1 Son gets home tomorrow. He’ll be here for less than a week, then he’s off to the Big Apple to portray Matthew Brady in a play, complete with beard.

*Snowman returned from UCC General Synod this afternoon with a new hero: Bill Moyers.

*The Princess begins Band Camp in the morning. I think it sounds like fun. She thinks I would be welcome to go in her place.

15 thoughts on “Late Night Asterisks of Sunday”

  1. I hated the half grown out look with my hair – but was so glad I didn’t give in and go to the hairdressers until it was long enough (the grey bits) to get a more flattering short style. It was worth it -those chemicals were not good for me. But it took courage and patience and I did wear a hat sometimes 🙂
    but whatever is best for you is what is best 🙂
    I think the thing about camp is the insecurity. DD was SO afraid no-one would like her, speak to her etc etc … she loved it after day 1 and didnt want to come home (and has been onthe phone since … wish they had another one next week!!!)

  2. OK Songbird, you did it. I started my walking again on Saturday and walked Sunday as well so my $@#%* is sore as all get out, but I DID IT! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Bill Moyers is a good hero. He’s mine too. And I loved the story about the coffee lurking on the ledge. Have a great day! R.

  4. I got back from General Synod, too…and Bill Moyers rocked the coliseum, no question. The UCC had a wonderful, deep, textured, and even honest celebration of the past 50 years. The work goes on, though….
    p.s. two weeks ago I made the mistake of drinking a medium dd iced coffee before worship…which hit me right about the time the children’s sermon was finishing up and I had to step out for a moment otherwise there would have been NO WAY I would have made it through my sermon. A career first. Note to Self: cut my iced coffe consumption off 1 hour before service!

  5. Great Sunday asterisks Songbird.
    Good luck with the grey and the new stylist. Perhaps shorter layers for the interim??? Or you might suggest some “low-lights” (a few strands of the former shade that would blend with the grey as it comes in. That way, it isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition).
    Yay to you for all the walking!

  6. Bill Moyers ROCKS…I read some of his comments to Synod online. There’s a truth-teller for you.
    Somehow the idea of you with coffee in the pulpit makes me smile with delight…

  7. So, how did you manage to get the coffee cup out of there!? without blowing your story?
    🙂 Yea for you on the walking! I’m struggling to get back into my exercise routine after vacation. I tried taking an exercise DVD with me but…everyone was LOOKING at me. Ugh. Slackers. They should’ve gotten up and done it with me! Don’t you think!?

  8. Definitely, MB!
    I was the only one who could see the coffee, thankfully. What a good joke on me! I will crow and say I’m sitting in my office drinking water right this minute.

  9. Haircuts are good! I don’t do mine often enough.
    Cordeliaknits also was very impressed by Bill Moyers; the candidate: not so much.
    Something is weird about my computer, so that WMP keeps saying the UCC files are corrupted and won’t play them (neither streaming nor archived, pfui!) Maybe my computer is just really, really conservative?

  10. Pretty good choice for a hero.
    You are my walking hero, as I have missed the last two days. Back on track tomorrow morning.

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