The sun shone longest today,

The air warm, the breeze cheerful,

Blue sky spackled by bits of cloud

Cars mottled yellow-green with pollen.

I drove home with the windows down.


After dinner girls giggles upstairs, while

Downstairs a dog cocks a wary ear

Toward distant firecrackers, cousins to

The dreaded sights and sounds of summer:

Ball field fireworks, rumbling thunder.


We walk our usual route, but not alone.

Young men precede us on our path.

One walks a bicycle, the other himself

We turn uphill and tread uneven bricks,

Duck to avoid overhanging branches.


Two blocks west to rejoin the trail

We have followed night after night.

We leave no footprints;

Only the vapor of our conversation,

Diminishing in the short night air.

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