Hemp and Happiness

I’ve had a long day, but I just want to say: I came home and walked, even though it was 10:30. Pure Luck picked up the pace a bit, but that’s okay, because I mostly kept up with that pace. I had one moment of needing to stop and take a breath, but other than that, I felt enthusiastic.

I’m grateful to my personal trainer, who will go out at this late hour with his busy trainee.

I’m also grateful that a couple of years ago I bought a pair of these Merrell hemp mocs on sale when the local Birkenstock store changed hands. I bought them for The Princess, but they didn’t fit for long, and I inherited them. These shoes always feel comfortable. They are amazing, It’s time for a new pair, and guess what? I just found them on the Internet, on sale.

I’m tired and sweaty and a mite frayed by a long, long day, but I’m happy.

How was your day?

(Think this title will get some interesting hits?)


(Maybe it’s time for bed.)

20 thoughts on “Hemp and Happiness”

  1. I need to get a real pair of these. I have the Walmart “Faded Glory” version. They were awesome. I wore them bunches. Then, I finally got a new pair of much needed tennis shoes. Real tennis shoes (sneakers, athletic shoes, whatever they’re called in your neck of the woods…I DON’T play tennis). Now, I can wear these fake hemps for all of a couple hours. Max. Then my feet are sooooo sore, it’s sad. Especially since I just got them a couple of months ago. Oh well. I’m glad your personal trainer was willing to walk with you at that hour. Mine was grumpy and coming off of being sick yesterday. I shoulda told the kids to hop on their bikes and gone without him. But I fell asleep on the couch. Then was too tired to move when he tried to wake me (I’m still working 3rd shift) 🙁 Oh well…
    On the hemp, I grew up on a farm. We had a fair bit of truly wild hemp growing along the roads, and in some of the pastures…now I know why the cows were so happy! Hehehe…

  2. OK, so I’ll fess up to say that I STILL have not made it back to my walking routine, but reading about how you are out at 10:30 getting yours in should adequately shame me into getting busy, right? OK… I WILL walk today!

  3. Jayne, you can do it!
    I know it’s not supposed to be ideal to exercise late, but I really can’t fit it in any other time most work days. I don’t know how this will play out when it gets cold and dark again, but I’ll deal with that in a few months.

  4. Love the title – I knew that you put it up there for a reason 🙂
    Good for you and exercise. Oh how I wish it wasn’t so hot here – I am pretty much having to go to the YMCA to walk!

  5. I’m impressed you can keep up with Pure Luck, as I can’t keep up with Onkel Hankie Pants and he’s only about 3″ taller than I. But having a dog really makes walking much easier and more fun for me.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve very tentatively started to walk again and even that feels good. (I don’t know about anybody in my house heading out at 10:30, though.)

  7. You must understand he’s been doing what is little more than a shamble or perhaps an amble for himself. Last night was the first time he picked it up more, and I was at a trot for part of the walk. But now that I think about it, earlier on our course, I picked up my own pace, purposefully. So that’s progress.

  8. Merrell’s are my favorite comfort shoes. I found a pair of Merrell sandals in Nashville that kept me from being a mincing cripple during Festival of Homies!

  9. I’m about to blog about feet. Nice connection here. And I’m beyond impressed by your discipline. I think walking at 10:30 sounds like fun.

  10. I found your blog! I’m having such fun with these. Love the shoes! I bought my first pair this winter because it rains a lot and they are so water proof! Are you training for any particular event?

  11. Impressed and ashamed in equal measure. I guess I need to believe the dogs when they say they’ll explode if someone doesn’t give them some quality exercise. I’m certainly not going to get any other company…
    But 3 cheers for you,- amazing staying power, and good to be able to do something together with Pure Luck too. xx

  12. 10:30! Criminy!
    You are FAR more dedicated than I could be.
    How do you know if you’ve won the “Fending Off Premature Death” marathon?

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