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The Birthday Girl

Birthday Princess at Tilt-a-Whirl

Today is her day,

A very special day.

Happy Birthday to The Princess!!

She’s 12 today. We’ll be having a family dinner with one cousin coming to spend the night. The crowning glory? A Texas Sheetcake, at the request of the birthday Princess.

Last Friday we went to the nearby amusement park with three friends, Candy Queen, Bookworm and Smartypants (The Princess is on the left, the others left to right.). Here they are waiting in line for the Tilt-a-Whirl, which The Princess would eventually ride 8 times. Apparently we don’t mind circling while going in a larger circle, but not so much love for the roller coasters or giant swings.

Smartypants returned with us for the second year and hopes this will be an eternal tradition. I learned that girls finishing 6th grade need considerably less attention than those finishing 5th. How many more years until my job will be finished when I pay at the gate?

Birthday Princess and friends

Thank you to all our young friends who allowed me to take the traditional blog pictures and thank you for being such charming guests. Bookworm deserves special mention for being highly agreeable, Candy Queen for inspiring general hilarity and Smartypants for storing the most things in my bag all day!

17 thoughts on “The Birthday Girl”

  1. In my opinion and experience, you are almost through with the worst part of parenting (approx. ages 11-13). Happy birthday, Princess!
    What is a Texas Sheet Cake? Is it shaped like Texas, the size of Texas, has it got chili-flavored frosting, or what?
    And I think probably next year, is when you will just pay the admission fees and hand out snack money and then disappear.

  2. Do tell about a Texas sheet cake. What I conjure up is a particularly huge sheet cake, it being from Texas, and all. Happy day to you too–such an amazing day, isn’t it, when we are entrusted with the life of a little one?

  3. “How many more years until my job will be finished when I pay at the gate?”
    If you ask my son, one. If you ask me, two. And don’t even think of accompanying him to the gate.
    And to Cordelia’s Mother, who said, “you are almost through with the worst part of parenting (approx. ages 11-13),” I say “HA!”
    Sorry. Maybe girls get all better by 13. I dunno.
    Mmmm. Caaaake.

  4. I love that first photo.
    Happy Birthday, Princess!
    And it’s my daughter’s birthday today too — a big one. She’s 21.

  5. jo(e), I don’t think I realized they had the same birthday, how funny! Happy Birthday to your Beautiful Daughter!
    The first photo was great, I just happened to look up at the right moment instead of being deep into my knitting.

  6. Love the first photo, too. Especially smartypants attitude-filled stance!
    Happy Birthday, Princess! (You have good taste in cakes, girl!)

  7. Belated birthday hugs and wishes from the Princess’s UK fan club…and yes, I wasn’t even invited THROUGH the gate by the time mine were 14.

  8. Congrats on surviving the first 12 years. I’m halfway through the third and wondering how I will make it!
    I was 14 when my mom first did the pay and ditch thing. But now, at 28, I would kill to have Mom around for a birthday or two! 🙂

  9. happy birthday Princess.
    Cathy mistakenly twinned you with my DD – but it wasnt’ her birthday (that was in May) but her confirmation which is a BIG thing here in Finland.
    I’d so love you two to meet up one day 🙂 and me and your mum too ofcourse 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday, Princess! So sorry I’m late — we were out of town last week, and I’m still playing catch-up.

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