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Texas Sheet Cake

  Texas Sheet Cake 
  Originally uploaded by msongbird.

It’s more than a cake, really.

I got the recipe from my friend, Jody, at Quotidian Grace. And as I said I planned to do in the comments on her blog almost two years ago, I did make one to take to a Stewardship Dinner the following weekend. But the meaning changed when I read about St. Casserole’s preparations for Hurricane Dennis. As she waited to see if the storm would really hit, I (and others) prayed for her in our far-flung churches, even though we didn’t know her real name. Cassie and her family, I said to my congregation, we must pray for them today as they await the arrival of a hurricane. I felt a kinship, a sisterhood, I could not quite explain. That storm, though it would be nothing compared to the rage of Hurricane Katrina later in the summer, represents the first time I felt a deep, deep concern over a blogging friend, a person who existed for me only on the Internet, under an assumed name, in a general region of the United States.

Ten days later, St. Casserole asked a significant question, and suddenly a loosely connected group of bloggers coalesced and became RevGalBlogPals.

When The Princess asked for a Texas Sheet Cake for this birthday, I obliged happily.

19 thoughts on “Texas Sheet Cake”

  1. As much as I hate to disagree with Grace. That’s an Oklahoma Sheet Cake — and it wouldn’t be my birthday without one.
    Oh, wait a minute. It isn’t my birthday.
    Oh well, I’ve reached that age where it soon will be.
    Norman, OK

  2. Isn’t this the best cake ever? Happy, Happy Birthday to the Princess!
    Thank you, Songbird, for reaching across the miles with your love and comfort!
    Yippee! to All the Revgalblogpals for friendship!!!

  3. It is more than a cake. I remember you made it for me when I visited you and I was unspeakably distraught about The Tragedy.
    It is more than a cake.

  4. It is the Best Cake Ever.
    One Sunday during the “stand up and greet people” time, I left the choir loft just to ask Jody, “Can I make The Cake with butter?” She emphasized that it really should be made with margarine. So don’t anybody substitute! But do make it!

  5. The TEXAS chocolate sheet cake has a long history in my family as well. I got the recipe from my beloved sister-in-law. When I served it to my brother he prounounced it “a religious experience.”
    Now it’s the official cake of the RGBP’s! It’s so cool to think that the Princess requested it for her birthday all the way up in Maine!!!

  6. This is such a lovely post. I thank God every day for my bloggy friends.
    You’re quite right. It’s more than just cake.

  7. The Texas sheet cake has always been a part of my history. It is the cake that has just always been a part of any family gathering, shower or funeral.
    Isn’t it sweet that blogs have made parts of our world so much smaller?

  8. With all due affection to Elaine… OKLAHOMA Sheet Cake?!? I demand satisfaction!
    (Yes, I am prepared to duel to defend the honor of the cake 😉 )
    Has anyone read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Four high school friends share a pair of pants and have all kinds of adventures.
    I think you could write a similar story about the cake and its history with the RGBP.

  9. Oh my goodness….I had just started reading you when this first came up…followed link to QG…got rather anxious that ingregients and quantities might not match UK equivalents and then read about St C baking it as she waited and wondered if Denis would hit.
    It’s absolutely my first memory of encounters with some of you (met you a little earlier, Songbird) and one day we’ll eat it together (BEFORE the heavenly banquet, I trust).
    Love and hugs and gratitude for the way things have worked out xxxx

  10. Chiming in to say this is definitely a TEXAS sheet cake. And mandatory for my birthday as well. Hands down, best cake ever. And such a good history, too. (Don’t tell, but I make it with real butter).

  11. Recipes with stories are the best. And that story is wonderful.
    I love the melkesjokolade by the cake–we LOVE that chocolate (and I can’t wait to be in Norway in August to get some at the source).

  12. I got all chill-bumpy reading this post.
    Oh, and with all the dickering over Texas versus Oklahoma, I have to put in my two cents for Mississippi. My mom handed a recipe down to me that is similar to Texas Sheet Cake, except the pecans go in the cake not the icing, and there is a layer of marshmallows beneath the icing. We call it Mississippi Fudge Cake, and it is definitely our go-to recipe for family celebrations.
    Hope the Princess enjoyed her cake!

  13. Oh yes, the Texas Sheet Cake! So, so yummy! It is the long-standing family tradition birthday cake with my family and my mom’s side of the family. But I’ve been known to whip it up just because. Supposedly it freezes well, but it’s never around long enough for us to try that! (hmm, thinking of making one up for Rev Dave’s birthday Saturday).
    Earthchick, I know the cake of which you are speaking as the Mississippi River Mud Cake (or Trinity River, depending on from which part you hail), and it is to die for as well!

  14. Rev Kim, I don’t think we’ll make it to the freezer stage, either!
    earthchick, the thought of the marshmallows, while I’m sure delicious, makes my teeth hurt a little…

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