A Mystery

How do you suppose a family of reasonably intelligent people could possibly manage to lose a DVD-player, still in its box, inside the family’s own house?

There is a time factor involved. We bought it in January and never opened it. Past sightings include the living room, very near the television, and Pure Luck’s office. High likelihood: DVD-player a victim of manic tidying in advance of visit of #1 Son’s friend, Dos, and her parents in March.

If you were a DVD-player, the special kind that plays DVD-RWs, would you be sulking somewhere in a corner or a closet, whining about how no one ever takes you out?

8 thoughts on “A Mystery”

  1. I think I would be in a coat closet, or under an armoire, or a bed…
    …well, no, that isn’t true. I would be hiding in your cupboard with chocolate and some scotch. But the above is where I would *put* a DVD player in a fit of manic tidying.
    Good luck!

  2. Well, the last time something like this happened to us, the unopened item was found under an end table in the living room.
    But if you find your box, can you see if it has our TV remote with it? That’s the thing we’ve lost and can’t find anywhere.

  3. Susan, look under the sofa cushions or down in its depths. That’s where we always find ours, at least since Molly outgrew chewing them up and spitting them out.
    Jane Dark, if only.

  4. It’s probably being held hostage by a bunch of mismatched socks, forced to replay old reruns of the Odd Couple over and over. Socks are bad seeds.

  5. All of this reminds me of that great Austin Lounge Lizards song “On the Other Shore”:
    On the other shore, on the other shore
    We will reunite with all the things we ever owned before
    Our single socks will all be to their rightful pairs restored
    We’ll meet all our possessions on the other shore
    We’ll find books we bought in college and sold for half-price unread
    And sacks and sacks of earring backs lost under someone’s bed
    And baseball cards and army men and model planes galore
    And every tiny plastic high-heel Barbie ever wore
    It is truly a vision of heaven. 🙂
    I’m missing a remote myself…so if there’s a tiny remote for a portable Panasonic DVD player from 1998, let me know. 🙂

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