16 thoughts on “They Grow Up Too Fast”

  1. You should see the burns on my fingers from applying the stuff to her legs! All she had to do was stand around and complain that three minutes was a long time.
    And the beach trip for which this was all necessary? Rained out.

  2. eeeew! But vanity of vanity, all is vanity. On Sunday I finally broke down and asked a really good friend to come help me shave my legs so I’m not one to talk…

  3. My first Nair experience involved my sister thinking that something had gone bad in the trash.
    I graduated to an electric razor a week later. There were many tears and “it’s not fair”s about the lack of real razors.

  4. Oy vey! Can’t.go.there.yet! Though the 10 yr old pits are gonna have to get trimmed here soon 🙁 Our babies…where did they go?! (Do any of you know the little Golden Book “Where Did the Baby Go”? Even to a 10 year old, it’s still one of her favorites!

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