8 Random Facts

ppb tagged me for this one. (Molly also played at her blog.)

Here are 8 random facts about me:

1. I have worked very hard to overcome my morbid fear of revolving doors.

2. On one side my hair curls under, and on the other side it flares out. (More than one of my children curse me for passing along this trait.)

3. When I was little, I checked "The Little Engine That Could" out of the library so many times that the librarian gave me a copy they were planning to withdraw from circulation.

4. I remember my dreams quite vividly, which worked well when I underwent a Jungian Analysis.

5. I can memorize song lyrics very easily, but not speeches. Sometimes when I need to learn something I set it to music in my mind.

6. When I was a teenager, I loved twisting the stem off an apple and saying a letter of the alphabet with each twist. The letter you get to when it comes off is supposed to be the first letter of your future spouse’s name. I very often got the same letter. It was the first letter of my then-boyfriend’s name. It is also the first letter of the real name of The Father of My Children.  And as if that weren’t scary enough, it is also the first letter of Pure Luck’s real name, too.

7. I am a pastor in a denomination that comes from the joining of four constituent traditions (Evangelical, Reformed, Congregational, Christian), and I myself am the product of four traditions: Southern Baptist on my mother’s side, Methodist on my father’s, six years of Episcopal school and six years (at the same time) of Presbyterian Sunday School while we lived in the DC area.

8. When I was 8, I went to church at the White House. The President hugged me because it was my birthday. This upset my father’s nerves, because the President was:


Tricky Dick and I wish you would play, too. I hereby tag RevRosa, Ruby, St. Casserole, will smama, Katharine (Editor Mom), Katherine E., KathyR and Kathryn (because once I started, I simply couldn’t stop myself, sort of like the revolving door…).

15 thoughts on “8 Random Facts”

  1. What a cool list! (And as someone with a fear of escalators, I am impressed with your revolving door fear work). We have that same edition of TLETC, by the way.

  2. I have the hair thing too. I don’t even notice it anymore, but as a teenager I cursed my wavy genes. Ironically, all the boys I thought were cute at the time had shaggy hair that did more or less the same thing, but on them it was somehow dreamy.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. I used to hate elevators….
    I noticed you tagged 4 Kathy/Kathryn/Katherines — wow – wonder if they are all from the same generation!

  4. lol – I’m not going to do it AGAIN just for you…sorry, sweetheart…But I too have to set things to music to learn them, and you’ll have noticed a similiar trait here with hair, I suspect. But then we kind of knew we were another of those pairs separated at birth, didn’t we?!
    Not bothered by revolving doors, but struggled with escalators for ages.x

  5. I have the hair thing too – though more so pre-kids – go figure! I think maybe it’s God’s way of saying that His order isn’t always ours 🙂
    and haven’t you noticed – between ironing it flat – that on other people it often looks really rather cute 🙂
    Blessed Thursday!

  6. Thanks for tagging me–lovely way to start the morning. My hair not only turns differently on one side than the other. It is also thinner on my right side. I try not to do Donald Trumps on my head :-).

  7. Yeah, I have that annoying hair thing, too. When the right side starts sticking out, I know I need a haircut.
    Revolving doors are OK, but I still have a tough time with down escalators.

  8. Well, that’s the second time I’ve been tagged for this, so I guess I better do it. Maybe tomorrow for Friday Frivolity.
    And if your boyfriend’s name was Zachary, there was just no way you could make the apple stem last for 26 twists. Fortunately, my elementary school crushes were David and Danny, so there were times I had to give an extra-hard tug with the fourth twist.
    Cathy: Whenever I meet a fellow Kathy, I ask “Late 50s, early 60s?” The answer is almost always “yes.” 1961 here.

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