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Good Day, Sunshine

It was a good day. The sun shone. (Imagine a lovely British pronunciation of "shone.") I took a ride to a clergy meeting in a coastal town I haven’t visited before, enjoyed good company and saw the beautiful sanctuary, then took an unfamiliar road to Main Street Church, coming in from the south. All the time, the sun shone, and it felt lovely to have the windows open, not just because they had decided to stick in that position. My car, repaired, seems reasonably happy for an old girl. And on the iTunes shuffle, I heard the Beatles singing "Good Day Sunshine."

The sun continues to shine here in the early evening, dappling the sidewalks in our neighborhood as it peaks through the leaves of enthusiastic maple trees. It’s still damp, and we didn’t lie beneath a shady tree, but it felt good to walk with Pure Luck. I appreciate the way he down-shifts to walk with me these days. We’ve added some distance to our walk and are taking in another street and its sights along the way.

Tomorrow I’m headed out of town to attend the annual meeting of the Pension Board of the United Church of Christ. I’m sure you are scratching your heads and asking, "Why, Songbird, are you doing this?" Sometime last year I told the Conference Minister I would be willing to have my name put in for national committees or boards. This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but since they like to balance the Proxy Delegates among men and women, clergy and lay, active and retired, as well as geographically, I must have met a particular need in this case. I hope to be blogging tomorrow night from The Big Apple, where tomorrow’s forecast is, unfortunately, Partly Cloudy.

Good night, Sunshine.

4 thoughts on “Good Day, Sunshine”

  1. Oh. I love NYC. I hope you enjoy your time there and that the committee you are “joining” will be fruitful. Indeed Good Day Sunshine…here too. (Bad storms and high wind for tonight, maybe..sigh)…

  2. Say hello to my old home. There’s a lovely italian place near where you are staying. Caffe Linda. Ask the fancy people at the desk. And thank you for your service.

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