Sometimes I like the rain.
Our fresh-planted tree drinks deep,
and our neighbor’s new grass, too.
A soft mizzle freshens the complexion,
while a mist curls my hair.

But on a June Monday,
rain pouring from the sky,
Fahrenheit in the fifties,
sandal-clad feet are cold despite
toenails painted "Cherry Pie" red.

Black garbage bag covers
An unclosing car window,
it chose this moment to break down–
oh! somehow I understand why–
though, sometimes, I like the rain.

3 thoughts on “Rain”

  1. The fifties!?! Its raining here but no where near that cold. Not fair when your toes are pretty “Cherry Pie!”
    Thanks for the poem.

  2. Love the poem. It was rainy and chilly in my neck of the woods too! I wore a flip-flops, a sleeveless top and my “pajama capris” to work last night (Sun.) but it was downright chilly by the time I got off this morning (Mon.). The advantage? I slept the best I’ve slept in weeks! The drizzle and dark sky made snuggling under my quilt so much nicer!

  3. Love this! We’ll be in the 90’s today, but we had 2 inches of rain last night.
    The mosquitoes are like to carry us off!
    Yay for you, wearing your sandals despite the chill. Time for a new pedi for me, my “Quarter of a Cent-Cherry” is looking a bit shabby. You inspire me!

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