Second Verse, Same as the First

a little bit louder, and a little bit worse…

Last night, Pure Luck and I got to bed about 10:30 and fell almost immediately asleep. I awoke suddenly at 11:50 pm to a sense of deja vu and a horrible realization that I really *was* having the same experience as the night before.

The squeaking, the chasing, the pouncing–all louder than the night before.

The husband–just as doped up.

The Songbird–just as freaked out!!!

This time Pure Luck said it was fine with him for the cat to kill the mouse. After all, he had to sleep in AT shelters with hundreds of them.

Guess who will never be sleeping in a shelter on the Appalachian Trail?

#1 Son had just come in for the evening, and he monitored the situation, allowing me to escape once again to the guest room. Eventually he reported the mouse was dead. I’m not sure that made me feel any better. Why didn’t I latch that cat door yesterday??!!?!!!

This morning Baby is curled up at the foot of my bed looking pleased with herself. For some strange reason, she doesn’t want her breakfast.

This gives a whole new meaning to the expression "herding cats," which I had used in describing to Pure Luck what Children’s Sunday at church might be like this morning. At least we won’t have mice.

6 thoughts on “Second Verse, Same as the First”

  1. One of our cats will sometimes bring in a live mole in the middle of the night and drop it right on top of me while I am sleeping. I think he has the idea that he needs to teach me to catch creatures.
    It’s very strange to wake up in the dark with a mole scurrying about on your neck.

  2. I’m impressed! Our cats have occasionally bored some poor bug to death with their never-ending poking and torturous delays. They never seem to get around to the deathblow.

  3. “…Children’s Sunday at church might be like this morning. At least we won’t have mice.”
    🙂 Just joking. What child would bring a mouse to church?

  4. I will never forget waking on my wedding morning to the sound of torrential rain lashing the windows (we’d arranged for our reception to take place in a marquee in my in laws’s garden). I rose, put my foot into my slippers and screamed…Dearly beloved cat Grimble was marking his mother’s wedding day by presenting her with item 1 dead mouse and …worse still…outside on the landing…1 dead rat.
    Never before or since, I’m relieved to say.
    Hope all went smoothly at church too xxx

  5. Wow. Baby is really cool. I never ever saw a mouse yet, but if I did, wow. Actually I never saw a mouse yet because they know that I’m really big and tough and they don’t bother coming ’round. I killed a dust-ball the other day.
    With my bare paws!!!!

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