Hickory Dickory Dock

In the late evening hours, not long after I went off to sleep on the edge of the bed, hoping to be close enough to help Pure Luck but not so close as to disturb his rest, I woke suddenly due to a suspicious rustling of cats and a barely perceptible "squeak!"

I really hate it when Baby brings a mouse into the house.

I sat up and peered cautiously over the foot of the bed, where Baby and Nicky were both carefully watching one corner of the bed and batting the bed curtains.

Then Baby jumped onto the bed and started grabbing the curtains up higher!!!

"Honey! Honey! Can a mouse climb the bed curtains?!?!!!"

From his Valium-aided slumber, he offered, "Mice are not very athletic."

Pass the Valium, would you?

(Hickory Dickory Dock, by Margaret Tarrant.)

(I’m the one screaming and running away…)

12 thoughts on “Hickory Dickory Dock”

  1. This morning he tells me he has seen a mouse go straight up the wall of an AT shelter. It really was the Valium talking last night.

  2. Given the stories we’ve been hearing here in the South about the critters coming inside searching for water, I guess you might feel grateful that it was just a mouse.
    *shudders at the thought*
    I’m glad all is well now. Any chance you’ll get a full night’s sleep in the foreseeable future?

  3. I hope the cats at least had the decency to remove all evidence of the kill.
    I’m a few days behind on blogs, and have just read about PL’s surgery … I hope he’s continuing to mend well.

  4. Thanks, Ruth.
    LadyBurg, it’s a VERY good thing he was groggy and was unclear. I was totally freaked out!!
    Kathy, that critter came in riding in the mouth of a cat, so I’m closing off the cat door again.
    And Jane Dark, no sign so far. I had #1 Son check under my bed and dresser. But I think I’ll have Snowman take a crack at it, too. Pure Luck is not supposed to strain or bend or lift, so he is off mouse duty for the time being.

  5. My darling cats, mouse hunters that they are, also leave a few remnants for the morning…yuck. My husband and I have also been known to rescue mice trapped by cats and let them go outside, far from the house (think paper cup and plate for a lid)…I’d much rather rescue them intact than find the leftovers. Now we just aim to keep them out of the house, and the cats are not allowed out (busy busy street)…
    too funny, the things PL is saying under the influence of meds…I hope he is up and about and well soon.

  6. Yikes! One morning I was up early like this, while the rest of my household slet blissfully. Spot, our silly cat, came and gently draped a love offering across my feet: an 8 inch + tail rat. No one was asleep 1 nanosecond later. I still freak when I think of that gift…
    Happy Sunday, new friend. I am feeling great, drinking some coffee, catching up on my blog pals, thankiing God for such abundance.

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