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20 Minutes On, 20 Minutes Off

Yesterday Pure Luck had some outpatient surgery to take care of something that bothered him but was not particularly noticeable or worrisome to the rest of the family.  I waited with knitting and a book until a doctor came to get me, mildly worried about the use of sedation and my ability to manage someone 16 inches taller than I am while he recovered from it.

Being a strong and super-fit guy, he did well, and he has been a surprisingly good patient.

A few observations after a day of nursing him:

  • Taking care of someone whose short term memory has been temporarily affected can be very amusing.
  • Apparently there was no object of concern greater than the health and well-being of the dogs, as inquiries after them were repeated and forgotten more than once.
  • Being tied down to an icepack schedule of 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off reminds me of breastfeeding. I can’t really get anything much done before it’s time to make the switch again.
  • Percocet can make a man very affectionate.
  • Some children are naturally more helpful than others. (Let’s just say that if I call out for Snowman and he can’t hear me, no one answers, but if I call out for #1 Son and he can’t hear me, Snowman does.)
  • I’m sure there’s more, but it’s time to do the icepacks again.

16 thoughts on “20 Minutes On, 20 Minutes Off”

  1. Oh, yes, the only thing funnier than coming out of sedation is someone who is going under it!
    But I hope Pure Luck continues to recover smoothly!

  2. Give Pure Luck a hug from me. Glad to hear he did well, and hope he recovers swiftly! Take care of yourself, too.

  3. Prayers for the patient’s speedy recovery, and I hope you’re able to have a quiet, close-to-home day tomorrow.

  4. Glad it is over. Hope the icepack thing gets done soon!
    Whether or not the dogs are helpful…they are cute…and boy that counts for a lot when one is feeling under the weather.
    Unconditional regard never changed an icepack but it warms the heart.

  5. Having recently nursed a spouse through a post-surgical week, I can sympathize. But–codeine does not apparently have the same effect as Percocet.
    Am I going to start getting spam e-mail from Percocet bootleggers now?

  6. I’m glad everything went well. Percocet is good stuff for pain. Be sure to take care of you while you’re taking care of Pure Luck!

  7. My gratitude to all those expressing (or even feeling) well wishing. My recovery seems to be going swiftly and well. Songbird may even consent to being seen with me in public soon. Looking at the bright side of surgery I finally found a good use for frozen peas.

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