Crazy Busy

What I Did on Pentecost

  • Drove 35 miles to church
  • Discovered multiple bulletin snafus
  • Had holy moment with children and breeze-blown candle flame
  • Sang part of my sermon
  • Drove 18 miles to Panera and ate lunch with children
  • Turned children over to TFoMC
  • Drove 400+ miles round trip to pick up #1 Son at college, including ridiculous off-highway excursion in search of dinner
  • Teared up at thought he is now Senior in college
  • Discussed enormous number of fascinating topics on way home, including theatre, family and "Lost"
  • Ran out of talking energy and sang along with "O Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack with #1 Son
  • After getting home, went out for a "walk around the block" with Pure Luck, at his suggestion/insistence
  • Discovered "walk around the block" means a mile

What did you do today?

18 thoughts on “What I Did on Pentecost”

  1. Woke up crying in the middle of the night, slept badly. (Long story, no details)…Finally got up at 6 and got ready for church, arriving at building at 6:45. Set up for 8am worship. Deacon preached, I presided. Did the same for 10am service, followed by the blessing of the new room and a pizza party in honor of Pentecost. Came home. Drove an hour to watch daugher ride in horse show competition. (at least today it was sunny and nice, yesterday it was pouring rain for same process of her competing and us watching…yes, they ride in rain…even downpours…). helped pack up from horse show including washing horse. Drove home. bought some items for sons 15th birthday party with family tomorrow, including new chairs for the deck and a canopy gazebo to block the sun….marinated pork chops and shrimp for dinner tonight, grilled dinner with baked potatoes, salad, and a glass of red wine. discussed a variety of topics with family including how daughter did at show…now. getting ready to go to bed. Pentcost included a lot of red…it was fun to see so many parishioners in red….hee one more Memorial Day party. But sadly it includes mourning the sudden death of the father of my son’s friend, who died last night of a heart attack (only in his 50’s)…so. My son has a funeral to go to on Wed…life is fragile.
    What a day…

  2. Wow, you both have had quite a day!
    I woke up about 7 am, got ready, and arrived at church about 8 am. I had several bulletin snafus, too. We’re breaking in a new admin. asst. Highlighted a bunch of scripts for the Acts 2 reading and realized that I had created a lot of work for myself in trying to be creative. 🙂 Met with the confirmands at 9:30 and let them practice their parts of the service and read their statements of faith at the pulpit. Reassured them that their statements were wonderful and meaningful. Had a tiff with our music director. The Spirit showed up at our service from the Acts reading, the preaching, the statements of faith, the baptism and confirmation all the way to the Lord’s Supper. I took a nap and through some wise counsel from some revgals realized I probably need to apologize to music director. Then, I chilled with my youth group as we ate pesto pasta, Came home in time to put my children to bed and now I’m thinking about going to bed. Nightie-night!

  3. Welcome home! I liked talking with you today, too.
    Glad your oldest boy is home. It’s amazing that you have a College Senior as a child. You are sooo young!
    I like that walking thing with Pure Luck.

  4. Alarm went off at 7, didn’t like it and reset it for 7:30 thinking “church isn’t till 9:30, why on earth did I set it so early?” Dozed off, then startled awake by realization, “oh DD1 has to practice clarinet duet with organ, that’s why”–followed by a loud “let’s move peoples!” Fly through getting self and 3 kids(10 and 7) ready (DH really is little help on Sunday AM’s!). “Where ARE your shoes” for the 100th time to son. “Umm, you just might want your clarinet” to oldest headed out the door without it. To younger daughter “No, you don’t have time to [watch PBS]. Please get in the car NOW, mommy and sissy HAVE to practice before everyone gets there.” Head to church thinking “will Sunday AM’s EVER get easier???” Ignore twins and DH. Practice with 10 year old (organ has cool MIDI cards, so I played her duet part with accurate Bb clarinet setting!). Teach her how to tune (her first time playing with any sort of accompaniment). Get done and look at watch. Realize, in midst of flying through AM at home, I interchanged UCC church start time with mine (we’re members at a UCC where DH and DC typically go, I’m organist at a PCUSA). Even though I knew at 7am that I didn’t have church till 9:30…the thought escaped me as I dozed back off and woke up with 9:00 stuck in my head! I breathed a frustrated sigh…I COULD have stayed in bed that extra half hour! Oh well. I had time to shift into true worship mode, really stop and breathe, and allow God in! The service was amazing: full of different tongues (pastor had several readings and prayers from folks speaking foreign lang.), God blessed my fingers as I played, DD1 did amazing and just beamed at her accomplisment…and the retired Marine let out a loud Amen as she finished (she played the The Marine Hymn). Pastor had booooooo bad humor later though: “First we heard The Marine Hymn, now we’ll hear Him the Marine.” (He owned his goof of not getting either music special printed in the bulletin). After church, we came home. I headed to bed, DS/DD2 headed outside to play, DD1 plopped on couch to watch Indy pre-race action, DH nuked lunch, which he delivered to me in bed, when it was ready. DD1 decided she was bored of just watching race, so she came back and snuggled with me…of course that meant I didn’t go to sleep right away, cuz she was ripe for a tickle war. Doesn’t every 10 year old who talks and tries to act like she’s 16 need a good ticle attack by her mama? Several squeals and “I love you’s” later, she headed back out to keep dad company and finish homework in front of the t.v. I slept with some strange dreams, of course I didn’t write them down, so they’re gone from consciousness. I was awakened by twins and neighbor kids “bombing” the house (right outside my bedroom) with something??? Who knows…I sent DH to fend them on to other 4-6-7 yr old activities (though DS is grounded from ANY outside toys due to serious misbx Sat.). I was awakened by DH delivering supper, then stayed up to watch Dateline story on a family’s adoption of Russian twins (I went to Russia and Estonia when I was 15, and Estonia again when I was 21…that’s a soft spot for me!). Then, of course, if I’m awake I HAVE to watch Ty and company remake a family’s home! THEN, I went back to sleep, first DS joined in to snuggle, then DD1 till papa woke her to move to her room. I got up 10 minutes before needing to come to work, flew on some clothes, then spent the next 20 minutes looking for lost keys. Couldn’t find them, gave up and prayed that hubby won’t need to make any emergency overnight excursions. Headed to work, calling to warn that I’d be a bit late. Now, it’s 3am and I’m typing a comment. That’s my day! 😀

  5. Ah, I think I have an idea why things were so ugly at pick up son time.
    Me? graduation worship–fretting, roping, lining up, answering, bobby-pinning, sweating, cleaning up, emailing, collapsing, do it again today with twice the number of people.
    Next year it’s your turn to be parent of the graduate! Start buying your memory cards now. Today one dad told me he had already taken 100 photos—and commencement isn’t until tomorrow! (today by now)

  6. 7.00 Alarm…peace and space before I headed up to church to preside at 8.00 (Dufflepud is away on a school trip, so no early morning paper round for him)
    8.00 quiet gentle Eucharist – 40 communicants, which is good for this service…not much sense of excitement or anticipation of the coming of the Spirit, but I guess we felt the breath
    8.45 home in torrential rain – only wearing silk jacket…bad move
    not really time but
    shower adn change
    9.10 re-read sermon – still don’t like it much but print it anyway
    9.20 back up to church…total mayhem…Pentecost means procession, banners, incense, the works – but half the congregation are celebrating a bank holiday weekend plus half term by going away, so we’re really short of personnel…much running around in all directions…no chance to breathe…realise as WonderfulVicar finishes reading the banns of marriage that he hasn’t mentioned a couple who are here specially from Surrey to hear their names…oh dear.
    Process into church, and discover that it’s really rather empty…organised chaos…preach indifferent sermon and feel rather disappointed at the absence of dramatic outpourings of the Spirit.
    Home, lunch, interview with wedding couple (see above) who clearly feel they are booking a slave for a day, but don’t seem very clear as to why they wanted a church service. Too late to question further now, but if it had been my call I might have been a bit less accommodating till we’d explored the issues fully
    Visit to sad sad lady,widowed 2 years ago, who has got stuck in her grieving…pray with her, and listen lots
    6.00 Home to collect husband, then up to church for one man presentation of the gospels…well acted, respectful but somehow doesn’t quite hit for me
    though I seem to be in a minority
    8.00 home…shoes and collar off…chat online briefly then subside with supper and glass of wine and listen to the rain outside.
    God bless the British Bank Holiday!

  7. Kathryn, I feel the same way about Memorial Day!
    Karla, I was exhausted after the first two sentences!! Glad you got lunch in bed!
    ppb, it’s hard for him since most friends are seniors, and hard for me to pick up a “man with a beard” living in a house, so strange.
    st c, bless you, after all that driving, my bones feel plenty old today.
    Iris, I think I may have done something similar, though perhaps not to the level of tiff.
    And mompriest, hugs to you. Enjoy the birthday celebrations, however they are shadowed by the friend’s loss.
    Thanks to all for sharing.

  8. Was yesterday the day for bulletin snafus? I wasn’t around to proofread,and my office admin doesn’t read liturgese fluently yet. Fortunately the small, hearty congregation was able to read between the misspellings.
    I must say, I preached the heck out of my little sermon. Found out after worship that a surprise biological visitor arrived sometime while I was preaching the heck. (I barely escaped white alb humiliation. Yes. On Pentecost. Hilarious. Not.) Went to little burg next to Village of St Stoic and picked up Wondergirl’s car. Went home and got changed. Went to plant nursery and picked out new plants and duck poop to the tune of almost $700! (That was supposed to be my new stove.) Weeded, trimmed, pruned, mulched all afternoon, ate veggie burger for dinner, took bath while family went to movie about super hero arachnoid comicbook character.Listened to podcast of This American Life, fell asleep around minute 18. Woke up this morning about 5:30 with monster cramps.

  9. Wow.. My day feels not bad at all by comparison!
    Let’s see — father-in-law is staying the weekend, so we got up and had to trot out for breakfast with him. Came back, ate some toast. Then I removed myself for sermon writing. Husbandy and FIL went off to the hardware store to buy a grill. Came back empty-handed. (I was still writing!) Went off to another store. Came back with lunch (I had already eaten some leftover biscuits and cheese and gone back to writing.) Finished writing and making the bulletin just in time to shower and dress before catching the bus at 4pm. (Bit scary that bus ride — the driver was speeding and ran at least one red light!) Arrived at chaplaincy office at 4:15. Copied bulletins. Went to the church to set the altar (and yes, I am the admin assistant, the preacher, and the sacristan!) Got everything ready, vested, coordinated with organist, chalicer, lector, priest. Processed, sat, sang, sat, etc. Preached. During the peace, asked someone to pass the offertory plate. Received the offertory at the altar rail, then tried to be unobtrusive during communion, as I was vested and in the enclosure, but not assisting. Process out, greet everyone, then hustle to get everything cleaned up around the altar, in the chancel, and the sacristy. Un-vest. Take pictures with students and the Boss+. Receive my parting gift, as this is my last Sunday. Finish cleaning in the sacristy. Hustle to the restaurant where we are having our end-of-year/goodbye-to-Jennifer meal. Wait almost endlessly. Eat, and then it’s all over in a whirlwind of goodbyes.
    So that was my Pentecost, although I was more affected by it being my last Sunday with this ministry and these people. Very sad to be going, but I’m also excited by the new place and people that I’ll be joining.
    All the normal church disasters and snafus, just not early in the morning. I think I might miss that!

  10. Jennifer, too funny! Even in the afternoon, this day seems to have been a whirlwind for many of us. And perhaps that was appropriate.

  11. Slept in, then got up in time to pull out the spinach quiche I had made Saturday night for the after-church going away luncheon for my dear friend and associate pastor, who is returning to hospital chaplaincy. Got there in time to put the quiche in the oven to reheat and warm up for choir early (we were rehearsing with the handbells–we did a stirring Pentecost anthem set to “Hyfrydol”). Participated in ordination and installation of new elders and deacons, teared up because this was associate pastor’s last Sunday in the chancel. Went to luncheon upstairs and spoke to people I hadn’t seen in awhile, including old friends who live in D.C. now and who just happened to be in town this weekend–a “God thing”, as they said. Stifled laugh when pastor, who is notorious for malaprops, proudly reminded the congregation that associate pastor and wife had consummated their marriage at our church. Went ahead and laughed when associate pastor gently corrected him later. Accompanied the Scientist to his lab, where it was his turn to take care of the lab mice. Came back out to the ‘burbs and went to a graduation party–our friends have a son who just finished college and a daughter who just finished high school. Finally got home at 4:30. Crashed, hung out with the dog, reread parts of John Berendt’s book about Venice, City of Falling Angels. Did laundry. Went to bed.

  12. Let’s see:
    1) Got to church by 7:00AM
    2) Preached at 3 services
    3) Came home and had lunch with the family
    4) Slept a Saturday afternoon death nap
    5) Played in the yard with the kids
    6) Dinner, bed, etc.
    Three services is TOO many. 🙂

  13. there are days I REJOICE I’m not clergy -and reading all your whirlwinds of activity – yesterday is one of them I think
    we (DD and I ) stayed overnight in Ekenäs on Saturday and both Saturday itself and Sunday were a real time of blessing on me.
    leisurely “help yourself” breakfast
    11am wonderful service full of God’s love
    +church coffee, visited ATM and bought flowers
    back to friends for lunch (yummy lentil soup)
    deeply affirmed and encouraged by visiting pastor !!! (Thank you God)
    1½hour drive home
    evening gardening = digging up dandelions with help of puppies (3 here right now)
    bacon and eggs for tea (empty fridge)
    THEN horror of horrors remembered proof reading deadline and a frantic spurt past midnight but made it!!!
    Phew ended in a whirlwind but what a great weekend with the Spirit of God

  14. Wow it is so great to read about all your Pentecost days. Mine was wonderul. I woke up to my little roosters…must they always rise at DAWN? When will I learn and buy black-out curtains?! Went to church and loved seeing everyone in a sea of red…a lay woman preached…so inspiring to hear her with her courage and vulnerability…so refreshing to hear her voice…it was “shared ministry” Sunday so she was preaching about how we’re all priests and it was so appropriate because two gorgeous babies were baptized including the son of our new female associate rector! too beautiful. The rector choked up during the baptism. My 4 year old dipped her finger in the holy water and made the sign of the cross on my forehead. Does it get any better than that? the spirit blew through our church yesterday. Thanks God.

  15. You had quite a day!
    Mine was much calmer.
    No Sunday school – ended last week
    So, arrived at church an hour later! Yipee!
    Marvelled again at how well the red fabric panels turned. Listened to the woodwind/brass quintet rehearsed. Opened doors.
    Spoke with parishioners.
    Answered the phone. Added to my prayer list.
    Turned on all the microphones.
    Turned on lights.
    Assured our reader she would do ok with her Acts scripture reading.
    Ran down the stairs to the office (for my car keys) and out to the car to get a tiny screwdriver set for the bassoon player to fix something on his bassoon.
    One worship service with red fabric panels on the chancel wall.
    Acts read in a round; starting in Spanish, I read the German and another read it in English. All languages were spoken and heard at the same time!
    Celebrated Communion.
    Closed up the church – locked all doors and made sure the lights were off.
    Drove home. Had lunch. Read the paper. Had a nap.
    Watered flowers. Made dinner. Did dishes. Did some laundry. Played with dogs. Watched some TV. Called it a night.
    Hope your week will go a bit easier.

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