34 thoughts on “GreyBird”

  1. umm, that’s not what I envision when I think “gray”…I tend to think more silvery. You’re more pewter-y, which is a color I love and you look great in it!!

  2. I love it grey and I love it shorter! It’s a great makeover. Now all the time and money you used to spend on hair color can be spent on something more important — like pedicures.

  3. Songbird, I love your hair. You do have kind eyes – “doe eyes”.
    Interesting you have a vest on and what looks like a sweatshirt type shirt. It was in the 90s here today.
    Is that you as a little girl in the background?

  4. That’s my dad as a very little boy, painted by an artist cousin. It’s in the 40’s here this evening, and I was cold! Those are my walking togs.

  5. You look gorgeous and distinguished (maybe wise is a better word?). 🙂 Go songbird go!

  6. That doesn’t even look grey! And your face looks so young and relaxed. We’re about the same age and my face looks much tenser.
    If you don’t like the color after living with it for a while, change it….better living through chemistry is available if you want.

  7. It looks fabulous. Much longer and much less gray than my luscious locks…which are now red…sigh…really great!
    Also, stopped by the blog you suggested and gave some words of (I hope) encouragment. sigh.

  8. It really is lovely, color and cut. Very becoming.
    PS maybe I like it so much because it looks like what I hope my hair is looking like. Am I fooling myself!? Let me know in July 🙂

  9. pretty-pretty-bird!
    Really and truly lovely. I agree with whomever cited “pewter,” which makes me think of the City Tavern in Philadelphia, where one can get any manner of wonderful things served to oneself on pewter ware…or lovely beverages served IN pewter-ware. It’s earthy and humble, which totally fits my image of you.
    Makes me think…wouldn’t it be fun if part of the Dream Big Event was for us to draw/write/sculpt/otherwise-craft what we imagine another revgal to look like, based on her writing? I mean, for those who don’t have pics posted? Or, it could be a fun sort of tag-you’re it meme that goes around the blogroll…
    As always, love your writing!

  10. You’re beautiful inside and out! What a combo!
    My hair is much greyer, but thanks to Revlon it’s dark auburn. Only I’ve noticed it gets greyer quicker and harder and harder to color. Perhaps, after I hit fify-something I’ll let it go, but I’ll be worse than grey – snow white!!!
    Be blest just as you!

  11. You look beautiful!
    That’s gray? I can show you gray.
    (Me: “What’s the difference between ‘gray’ and ‘beautiful silver hair’?” My former stylist: “About twenty years”.)

  12. Thanks, y’all! I must admit I didn’t get it to look quite so full and grown-up looking today. When I’m left in charge, it likes to be a bit wilder.

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