A Few Things On My Mind Today

The Princess has strep. Yes, that sore throat last week was something more than just a sore throat. She’s on antibiotics now.

And now my throat hurts, too.

Having learned from the last time, I will see the doctor TOMORROW if it’s any worse. No waiting until Saturday night or Sunday morning and feeling near death before going to the Urgent Care.

Despite that, there will be a walk in just a few minutes.

I had most of the colored portions of my hair trimmed off this afternoon. It’s not short-short, but it’s a big change. I’m going to have to get used to it. Maybe I’ll look in the mirror again tomorrow.

Getting older presents some challenges, but I am determined to do it gracefully.

I miss being at the Festival of Homiletics, but will not be a baby about it, I swear.

Deeper thoughts tomorrow, or else a meme.

13 thoughts on “A Few Things On My Mind Today”

  1. Wow. I’m impressed…It takes a few days for hair to get used to a new cut let alone our eyes…I hope you like it when all “settles” down…

  2. Ok, I am ready for a picture since I am too chicken right now to let it grow out since it will be white when I do.

  3. Yeah, but we are starting over come Pentecost.
    And… I have been a sloth for so long.. I had to do something!

  4. WHoops, the hair comment came out in the wrong place. STill true though!
    I hate to hear about the strep but I’m glad you have learned to nip it in the bud…can’t be getting sick at Pentecost!

  5. prayers for you both- and that hair cut is fab- I’m all for growing old disgracefully – but am seriously thinking about growing the colour out of mine…. hey ho- one day I’ll brave it 🙂

  6. Ack! You are a braver woman than I. I just don’t see myself going with the ashy nothing mouse color + grey. To the colorist!
    But your hair cut is totally cute and your hair color is an actual color. You look great!

  7. Can only echo the others – it looks lovely, -but then, you ARE lovely. Hope throats are feeling better all round – I’m voiceless in UK, with 2 funerals and a wedding rehearsal today. Not good 🙁

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