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Sunday Night Thoughts

It’s always a good day when the Domestic Goddess comes to clean the house. I arrived home this afternoon pleased with the morning at church, touched by the little birthday celebration that formed part of our coffee hour (they sang to me! There was cake!), and delighted by the concert in which The Princess sang this afternoon.

Tonight, while Snowman went on what may have been a date (!!!fainting mother alert!!!), The Princess and I picked up sushi and watched a goofy movie. Then we indulged in one of our guilty pleasures, Extreme Home Makeover.

I worked on the sock I am determined to finish. Sam came to sit between us on the couch and kept lifting his paw as if to stop me. A respected dog trainer told me not long ago that he probably ate my knitting last fall to tell me he is jealous of the time it takes away from him. I encouraged him to put his head in my lap and kept cabling the sock.

Really, it was such a good day. I was eager to go and get in my ever-so-comfy bed with its freshly-changed sheets.

The Princess went up ahead of me, hoping to bunk in with me one more time before Pure Luck comes home. "Mom," she cried, "Baby threw up on your bed!!!"

Oh, boy, did she. Right through to the mattress pad, though thankfully not to the mattress.

My dream of sleeping in that freshly-made bed must be postponed. I’ll be camping out on Pure Luck’s side, sleeping on a folded quilt. Since I’ll be away for 12 or 13 hours tomorrow, and I used the last capful of detergent on the mattress pad, the sheets and blanket will have to wait for Tuesday.

I am trying not to let this ruin a lovely day.

Anybody need a cat?

15 thoughts on “Sunday Night Thoughts”

  1. Bad kitty!
    And yes, Turandot eats my papers (or tears at them) for the same reasons.
    I’m glad that the rest of the day was good.

  2. Oh joy! Glad you get to escape for today…My domestic goddess is doing her stuff even as I type, despite it being a Bank Holiday here. How’s about that for devotion…she clearly recognises that the curate’s house would disappear under its own mess without her weekly interventions.

  3. Littleman, not really. I was just upset. She has a home here forever. I just wish she would take a vacation from barfing on my stuff.

  4. Here’s wishing for today to zoom by and Tuesday evening arrive when you can slip in between crisp, cool, soft, clean sheets

  5. Doggie Lily (as well as frequent Guest Doggie Stella) are both obsessed when I knit with wool. They love the smell so much that I had to put it out of their reach when I wasn’t working on it.

  6. Considering that she is always there and I seldom, I imagine she is jealous that I am NOT there and showing her distress. I just can’t win.

  7. Oh cats…I think they do this intentionally (hacking up on the side we sleep or where we sit on the sofa or our dining chair), like some bizarre show of love. I know you will love me even if I do this….agggh….heecchhh claauu…or what ever the sound is your cat makes….sigh…

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