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A Short List of Small Pleasures

Here is a short list of small pleasures from this Saturday:

Feeling sore after exercising, not the “I broke myself” kind of sore but the “Oh, do I have muscles there?” kind

The Princess in the outfield at Adorable Little Baseball Field with a group of kids from all over the state, being honored for her work in school, cheering her own name on the scoreboard

Getting warm enough at the game to take off my jacket

Feeling cool enough to put it on again

Hearing the announcement that profanity is prohibited at the game

Slugger the Sea Dog leading the crowd in a rousing rendition of YMCA–way too funny

Seeing a home run, several double plays, lots of players on base, good throwing and a happy crowd (Sea Dogs won, 10-5)

The way the house smells after the Domestic Goddess ministers to us

A little snoozle on the couch

Molly at the dog park, making the rounds of the people and wroo-wooing them

Sam running up the hill to meet me with an empty bag tucked into his
collar, for taking care of “bidness,” courtesy of clever Snowman at the
bottom of the hill

And, last but not least, no sermon to write (lay speaker tomorrow), so I can get to bed early.

5 thoughts on “A Short List of Small Pleasures”

  1. My domestics were not goddesses, so I fired them. Now the only ministering going on around here is by me and the occasionally conscripted husband and/or boy. Gah. Good help, etc.
    I love minor league baseball. I wish we had more opportunities to see it. And the Trash Monster is awesome.
    Congrats to the Princess!

  2. What a sweet list. I am so glad that you are one of the people who sees the litte things and takes joy in them.

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