Friday Five: What are You…

What are you:

1. Wearing? Right this minute? Flannel nightgown, purchased from an LLBean sale flyer at what they presumably thought was the end of the season…three months ago. But I will say I have a couple of cute new outfits from Talbots that I am enjoying this spring, one which I particularly like and will debut this Sunday.

2. Pondering? The number of times I seem to have to work through the same things I thought I had already completed. The presence, as opposed to the action, of God in everything, if I will only pay attention to it. My irritability at having to pay attention to that presence when it doesn’t suit me.

3. Reading? Susan Cheever’s American Bloomsbury, a very frustrating book. Has she reached a point where no one gives her editing advice? Also Diana Butler Bass’s Christianity for the Rest of Us, which I’m enjoying. It’s always a relief to hear that I’m one of many in finding something valuable in the historic Christian faith, that others are not giving up on or giving away Christianity to those who would cast it in literal and legalistic terms.

4. Dreaming? Last night, I dreamt that I was trying to navigate narrow, twisting streets in the Solid Gold Volvo, only to be passed on what appeared to be an impassable corner by a young blonde in a tiny red car. Now, that’s depressing.

5. Eating? Breakfast. Coffee and Eggo waffles.

How about you?

15 thoughts on “Friday Five: What are You…”

  1. what a frustrating dream…as for waffles- mmm… my mouth is watering- they are a rare treat here; we have to make them from scratch- and Maple syrup costs a fortune….

  2. I remember sensible breakfasts…on the other hand, there’s what I’ve been eating for breakfast these busy past few days (noted on my blog — and today’s breakfast wasn’t pretty).

  3. sorry about the icky dream, it sounds pretty interesting until the blonde chica arrives.
    here’s hoping for better dreams tonight!

  4. you have confirmed my stereotype that all people in maine sit around in their ll bean flannels all day (when they’re not looking fabulous in their little talbots outfits) – tee hee

  5. The nightgown sounds lovely! I usually end up in light jammies, though, because I can’t stand to be hot when I’m trying to sleep. I’d much rather pile up the blankets and comforters than wear heavy pjs to bed.
    Of course, before I go to bed, I’ll snuggle up in something warm.
    Happy Friday!

  6. Oh, I’m glad to hear that you find American Bloomsbury frustrating. I thought I would love the book, given the subject and people she is writing about. But, yes. Very frustrating. I set it down before Holy Week and can’t pick it up again. And I love most of the characters she is writing about. Usually I can follow books that go back and forth between events and circumstances and people…but this book, oy.
    And, sadly, my 50 year old body is too warm for my flannels…sigh…I need ligher weight material these days. (Who’d a thought???).

  7. Eeek…Yet again we match…no.2, in case you had to ask! Reading about waffles has made me realise that maybe I won’t get by without breakfast, so off to make some toast.xx

  8. Yoga pants from LL Bean, turtle neck from lawn sale (size 22, because anything smaller CHOKES me, I’m really size 12/14).
    How to get all the chores done before we leave for Boston.
    Quaker Summer.
    I’m too tired to dream. But I have a fantasy about having more time to do creative stuff.
    I’ll have poached eggs on an english muffin soon, for breakfast.

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