The Democrats

I’m watching the eight Democratic candidates having their first debate on MSNBC.

*Senator Biden, asks Brian Williams, what could the government have done to protect those students at Virginia Tech.

Biden: "Shotgun, not pistol."


(Really, he’s elaborating on a question about which they all raised their hands a few minutes before, have you ever lived with a gun in the house, but seriously.)

*Did you know that former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska was running for President? I didn’t. I have also learned that he’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. (Also that I probably agree with him about a number of things.)

*I want to love Barack Obama, but he’s not winning me tonight.

*Why do members of the press hate John Edwards when they love his wife so much?

*It’s not that I don’t like Hilary. I have a problem with dynasties. Let’s spread the Presidency around, okay?

*I have a lot of friends who love Dennis Kucinich. As with Gravel, I probably agree with him in lots of areas, but as with Obama, not feeling the love tonight.

*Chris Dodd? He’s running, too? I had no idea.

*Bill Richardson talks too long. They have to cut him off every time he speaks.

*When Dave Stanton, some South Carolina TV guy, was introduced, did you have a moment and think he was Stephen Colbert?

*Any chance we could have a debate moderated *by* Stephen Colbert? It would be my litmus test for a sense of humor.

*Finally, my TV boyfriend, Keith Olbermann, who was on the air before the debate, has beautiful grey hair, so it must be okay about mine.

What are you up to this evening?

7 thoughts on “The Democrats”

  1. It *is* okay about your grey hair. That makes it okay about mine, too.
    I am going to eat something: pizza? pie? Drink a little scotch, in the hopes of bringing back my voice, and/or rent a Lauren Bacall film so that I can perfect my Bacall imitation (as long as I’m going to sound husky).

  2. Our community had a meeting where they announced the winners of those that lost weight in a competition we had. In our little community, close to a thousand participated and 16,000 lbs (2 Hummers) was lost in 12 weeks. The largest amount lost was 111 lbs in 12 weeks!
    Then went to get a subway sandwich…

  3. Gray is definitely okay. I’m thinking of making the transition this summer when I have a few extra weeks at home.
    This evening I have been decompressing after a very full week and (of course) nursing my sore head with an ice pack.
    I also ate some licorice – the red kind.

  4. Stephen Colbert – good idea!
    You get props for watching. I seriously need to catch up. I didn’t know half those people were running. Yikes.

  5. What grey hair? I am totally in denial about the whole hair of a non-color thing.
    And, really, you might have less grey hair if you stopped watching debates. Yuck.

  6. There are pictures of me [and others] posted on Flickr, from Washington DC, where my hair is blowingin the wind and it is QUITE silver.
    If I were in denial about it, I’d call it my halo 🙂

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