16 thoughts on “M.C. Nuts”

  1. Our naughty cat ate through the speaker cords on the computer so I can’t hear it. But I’ll save it and check out once we get new ones. BTW, do you need a cat?

  2. I sent it to my favorite British Lit professor. (I once had the quintessential pleasure of hearing him recite Wordsworth’s “Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey,” AT Tintern Abbey.)
    He has not responded. He may never speak to me again.
    The fact that I loved it so much tells me I made the right career choice 🙂 (NOT English prof.) OR that I am just sillier than he is.

  3. Unrelated question: anyone else get the sound from the snow video of long ago each time s/he opens this blog? Any idea how to stop it?
    . . . and now I’ll wander muzzily off stage, looking blank. . . .

  4. Delurking myself, because I live in Cumbria where the ‘rapping’ squirrel comes from. And it’s not just any oversized squirrel, but an oversized red squirrel – v rare in the UK (red ones, not oversized ones which exist only in the imaginations of marketing people)

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