Girl Power

On the Sofa

We’re watching American Idol.

The Princess coughs, a nasty cough.

Songbird: Maybe you should take some Mucinex.

The Princess: Nah. I’m going to girl it out.

Songbird: Well, that’ll blog.

The Princess: I thought so.

15 thoughts on “On the Sofa”

  1. She meant it as a contrast to “man-ning” your way through something, because most of the men in our home refuse medicine saying they will “man” it out.

  2. Good idea to girl it out. You may want to try this out:
    Natural cough remedy
    1 teaspoon of honey
    1 tablespoon of lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
    Stir mixture in a little bit of drinking water and drink immediately.
    Take this 2-3 times a day

  3. Great…the opposite of giving in to “man flu” then!
    I love the way that when I open your blog, I get to hear your voice…AND one of the dogs!
    Wish you were really in dog walking reach xx

  4. The voice-and-dog thing happened to me too. Made me giggle. I concluded that I’d accidentally clicked on a video link.
    When the Princess isn’t girling it out, does Mucinex actually work for her? Doesn’t for me, the spousal unit, or our kids of various ages.

  5. If you scroll down the blog you find the video that goes with the voices.
    Does a penicillen perscription still fall under the category of girling it out?

  6. What a great piece of dialogue. She sounds like my daughter.
    (I too keep hearing your voice when I open your blog. At first, I thought I was hallucinating, but then I scrolled down and found the video clip.)

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