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And Now For Something Completely Different

I mentioned elsewhere that I gave up knitting for Lent, completely unintentionally. When I got the flu, I was too sick to do it, and when I finally got better, I was too busy catching up from having the flu, and then too busy getting ready for Holy Week.

When I finally lifted needles again, I promised myself I would not start anything new until I had finished all the neglected projects around the house. They are:

A Prayer Shawl for a blogger friend (completed, tassel fringe and all, while watching Pride and Prejudice, Colin Firth edition, with The Princess during the storm) Going in the mail soonest!

A Lenten stole for me (if I don’t finish it now, I’m sure I’ll find myself not finishing it next year, either; it’s nearly done after a blast of knitting while watching ditto) Hurray, so excited it’s finished! I’m going to start a photo file for these projects so those interested can see it. Check back tomorrow.

A pair of cable socks for a friend’s daughter (one completed, the other stalled at the heel) Back at work on these! UPDATE–finished during the American Idol finale, set to be mailed tomorrow!

A lace scarf for same young lady, same pattern as the one I made for The Princess  I have to admit somewhat shame-faced that I’ve given up on this for the time being.

A Brown Sheep cotton baby blanket, for no one in particular, set aside I don’t know how many months ago, being knit in blocks, quilt fashion, now destined for the Main Street Church fair, destined for a certain blogger’s baby, if I can finish it soon enough.

I also have yarn purchased specifically for:

Two more of those lace scarves, for the mothers of said girls
One more hat, but that may wait for next winter when I feel cold–er, inspired, again.

And I have signed up for:

Sockapalooza 4–don’t yet know the tastes of person for whom I will be knitting, but I have loads of stash yarn, including some beautiful Cherry Tree Hill UPDATE–my recipient wants bright colors, and that I do not have, so I will be shopping tomorrow, having finished the socks listed above. The Sockapalooza socks are next on my list of things to do.FURTHER UPDATE–I finished these ahead of time! Yay! Further, further update, I have now agreed to be a sock savior. I have some beautiful yarn for the project.

Charmed Knits–I have yarn in Gryffindor colors originally intended for mittens that will become a hat or hats instead; this is a charitable knit-along. Complete failure here. I never got around to knitting the hat(s), and the knit-along is over.

This sounds like plenty of knitting to keep a bird out of trouble. I offered to make the Prayer Shawl over a year ago, so I wonder if the blogger in question will even remember? (Or how long it will take me to put it in the mail?) Happy to report it has been mailed and received!

Finally, the adorable Christmas sweater I made for The Princess has ill-fitting buttons, so one of our goals during her vacation this week is to take it to the store with us and find better ones. Central Yarn Shop, here we come! UPDATE–It took a few trips to different stores, but we found perfect buttons and I sewed them on during the American Idol finale,  a very productive time slot for me!!

4 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different”

  1. When you get through all that knitting will you come help me finish my projects?
    I didn’t know you had audio. I usually have my sound turned down, but today I heard voices and woofs coming from the earphones on my desk. How cool!

  2. I adore the things you made for me. Feeling down? Put on the Songbird Socks! Need a liturgical boost? Wear the stole! Bored with kitchen clean-up? Grab a Songbird dishcloth and start whistling!
    It amazes me how quickly you knit and what beautiful patterns you make. Looks so complicated to me.

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