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What Got to Me

When the anchor on CNN told this story about the emergency workers: as they carried the bodies out of Norris Hall, the cellphones of the dead students were ringing as their parents, no doubt, tried to reach them and be sure they were okay.
My boy called for assistance filling out his 1040EZ today, and I was glad to help him.

10 thoughts on “What Got to Me”

  1. I tried to read your post to my husband on the phone, and I just could not get through that sentence without crying.
    My daughter’s cell phone has been such a wonderful way to connect with her during her college years — it’s just so hard to think about what it would be like to call it and not get an answer ….


  2. I can’t imagine the parents’ pain. Or the uncertainty — not knowing if their children aren’t answering because they were separated from their phones or because they’ll never answer the phone again.


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