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April Snow Berners







Molly and Sam enjoy the mid-April snow, including MONSTER SNOW FLAKES!!!

19 thoughts on “April Snow Berners”

  1. I think if you click through to Google you can see the larger version. I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to put music to our snow shots, and failing. But I’m glad to have the dogs on “film.”

  2. They are beautiful. I saw a dog that looked just like them hanging its head out of a truck window in town yesterday. I wanted to cry out, “Sam, Molly! Is that you? Bring Songbird over to see me!” Darn. Don’t think it was either of them.

  3. I LOVE monster snowflakes. But it’s spring here in Estonia. I didn’t wear a coat yesterday and am oohing and aahing over spring shoes cos I only have winter ones with me here. But I think I can resist!!!

  4. OK, this is really weird, but your post is just like the Daily Prophet in Harry Potter, where the photos wave and move. I didn’t have to click and play, just scrolled down to see frolicking dogs!

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