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Several friends are in the process of applying to D.Min. programs, and I began to wonder if that wasn’t something I would like to do, too. But it struck me the other night that I might rather work on a book of some kind, even if it wasn’t something that would end in a degree. I really enjoy writing drama for worship (from funny skits to monologues to readings for multiple voices that intertwine the lectionary passages). Preachers/pastors, is that the kind of resource you would put on your book-buying list?

My first step is to look back over the things I’ve already done and see which year of lectionary material has the most. That might be the place to begin, whichever year it is.

When do I think I will be doing this, you ask? A very good question.

I know there are some sabbatical grant money sources, but most of those are tied to being pastor of a church too small or poor to afford to finance a sabbatical. I wonder if there wouldn’t be some similar source for a person doing Interim Ministry or feeling called to a writing project? And I wonder what it would feel like to spend three or four months next year organizing such a project?

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  1. That would be a great resource to have. Much of the drama resources for worship that’s out there contains such bad theology. I’d buy your book!

  2. I would love a resource like this. I already use material from the Iona community: Cradle to the Cloth (reflections for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany) and their Lent to Holy Week and Easter (title I can’t recall)…so, yes. I would use such a resource. I like it, though, when the author gives permission for the material to be adapted to the particular community using it, with credit given to the original source….
    In terms of a sabbatical…I do hope there is a resource to sponsor a sabbatical for interim ministry pastors.

  3. would it have to be based on a particular lectionary year?
    whatever it sounds like a fab project and I hope you can get funding – or PAID time off ministry work to do it –
    it would be GREAT

  4. Lorna, I guess I’m thinking it would cover all three, but probably be three separate volumes. Just thought I would jump in where I have the most material.

  5. Songbird- that would be a great resource- praying now that God will show you the way to make it happen!
    As to what it would feel like, a friend of mine suggests taking a week off for yourself to get your head together, and then enter into the project as if you are starting a new job- albeit temporary!

  6. I’ve been reading up on the one sabbatical grant that I’d be eligible for (only Louisville does non-parish folks), and the congregation’s financial status doesn’t enter into it.
    One other idea to toss out there—in a few years—Wesley offers a program in creative writing basically–but they do it in cycles and it’s too late for the cycle that begins in May (unless you call and beg), but it will repeat itself. And that might be a way to write your book and get a certificate, too.
    I wish I had the energy to bookwrite. Of course, I’d also have to have an idea.

  7. Oh and I agree with the why lectionary year thing—hey if BBT’s books aren’t based on one year, why would yours have to be?

  8. I’d use the resource. I really like stuff like that, esp. when its tied to the lectionary.
    Lilly has a sabbatical program that pays you and the church so they can get a supply preacher. I think its called “What Will Make Your Heart Sing” and its part of the Clergy Renewal program. You have to apply well over a year in advance but its three months and I think they’d like your idea.

  9. Call me crazy, but couldn’t you collect the pieces and reference the lectionary volume at the end of each piece or in an index? Planning three volumes sounds a little daunting. Besides, I think there are people who might read it for reasons other than planning liturgy, and the multi-volume approach might make them think the book was only for you clergy types. Just begin — if the work needs to be three volumes, it will tell you so.
    I think it’s a marvelous idea. Sign me up to purchase the first ten copies.

  10. You mean just do the ones I want to?
    *That* would be fun!
    And you make a good point, childhood friend. Also there are plenty of church people who might like playlets but don’t follow the lectionary in the first place.

  11. I can’t answer your exact question since I’m not a preacher but just a preacher wannabe, but I definitely say go for a book, whatever it turns out to be. You are a wonderful writer.

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