Easter Detritus

Easter Table Day After

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A few things on my mind this Easter Monday:

  • Why were there so many police cars out yesterday, prepared to pull speeders, early on Easter Sunday? Were the police cranky about working on a holiday? Or do they have it in for church goers?
  • I think the Easter Lilies played havoc with all the small tubing in my head.
  • Although I am charmed by the notion that Hannaford and Wild Oats closed (or closed early) for Easter, I was grateful to find Whole Foods open, since we were lacking a few components of our Easter dinner.
  • Ditto the beautiful pale pink narcissus I bought at Whole Foods.
  • Where were the police cars this morning when a car passed me on the right in an on/off-ramp area?
  • If you’ve never heard a song before, but it keeps coming up over and over again so that you feel you need to give the lyrics some thought, does it count less if someone sang it on American Idol?
  • (Does it help that it was famously sung by Nina Simone?
  • What is the madness that dictates so few lavender jelly beans in an assortment?
  • I am what may only be described as bone-dog-tired.
  • So tired, in fact, that when the phone rang and I heard the voice of The Father of My Children, I didn’t know why he was asking whether I heard him honk.
  • (This is the night the children go to his house for dinner. Every week.)
  • I hope you won’t mind if I mention that I still miss Pure Luck, even though I saw him on Friday and will see him this Friday, too.
  • What’s on your mind tonight?

17 thoughts on “Easter Detritus”

  1. Not a preacher, just an Easter observin’, sunrise breakfast AND then Easter dinner cookin’, end of the marking period correctin’ teacher, and even I say:
    Why the heck don’t we get Easter Monday off?????

  2. I have to admit I envy Listing Straight; her church was closed today, office and all. That would make it much easier to relax.

  3. “small tubing” — heh
    I’m thinking about how I wish I didn’t have to write this silly reflection paper on my spiritual “type” (can I please get a shovel…) so that I can work more on Hebrew.
    And yes, I’m a big nerd.

  4. The police do that here on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, too. They have no mercy. Not that I would know from personal experience, of course.

  5. looking at your picture made me realize i didn’t eat any jelly beans yet this year… so much for kicking that sugar addiction… something tells me i won’t be happy until i get some… but no lavendar, thanks, save me the black ones!

  6. Yes. Bone. Tired.
    Today I was doing a little grocery shopping (if we planned on having dinner or any food in the house it had to be done…)…luckily son was with me…
    And I was so tired I could hardly see. I would have had him drive.
    But he’s only 14.
    We had to come straight home…after I managed to pay for the groceries.
    Of course I will have to go back in a day or two…since I didn’t buy much…

  7. I’m thinking about how Easter Monday is a very long day.
    I’m thinking about how Fish the Kitten came home from the vet with antibiotics and pain meds for an injury the vet cannot see or detect. I’m thinking how thoughtful Fish is to hold off the vet visit until this morning.
    I’m thinking about how I was so tired when I spoke with you that I forgot to look at my shopping list and came home with a marvelous assortment of stuff I didn’t know I needed.
    I’m thinking about how I will miss this cold snap when it’s over. But snow in Dallas in April???
    thanks for asking. i’ve hardly had a civil word in my head since right after worship yesterday…

  8. I’m tah-red too.
    I think it sounds better in an accent.
    And I didn’t even preach yesterday.
    A tragic thing that happened here is that I could not find ANY good jelly beans–just those cheapo icky ones. ANd jelly beans are a singular secular joy of Easter.

  9. Grandmommy… and I thought my husband’s family waaaay down in south Georgia were the only ones who used the names grandmommy and granddaddy! If Easter doesn’t suck the life out of clergy, I can’t imagine what would! Rest dear Songbird, rest… Hugs to you!

  10. Jayne, I’m a transplanted Virginian, and my children called my parents Grandmommy and Granddaddy. My mother didn’t like those nicknames such as MeMo or PePo because she once heard a story about a child who didn’t understand her NayNay was her grandmother. Thus, big mouthfuls of names. Fortunately, the children managed well enough that these names did not devolve into GeeGaw and such like.

  11. Easter Monday is a holiday in Europe. But not in Estonia — yesterday was L-O-N-G in class. Today even longer. I’m still here and started 8½ hours ago. Yawn. No matter how good the lecturer – this is TOO much
    as for speeding tickets. HOpe you didn’t get caught!

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