We Ran Away

We ran away for 24 hours to Non-Contiguous New England State. I would share pictures of our joyous, though short-term, reunion with Pure Luck, of #1 Son and Dos and the college play we saw last night, of #1 Son made up to the be the Ghost of P.T. Barnum, of the fun suite we stayed in at the Residence Inn and of the little green shoots pushing up through the ground there, but I left the camera battery plugged into the charger here at home.

I have a little work to do to get ready for tomorrow. For the first time I am grateful I don’t have a Sunrise Service to lead. The weather forecast here is 25 degrees tonight, with snow.

Snowman and The Princess are filling little plastic eggs with jelly beans for the children at church, and God bless them for it.

When my father used to think we were, ahem, not being completely frank with him, he would say, "Don’t give me any of that ‘Who Struck John.’" Is it a bad sign that I’m thinking of quoting him in my sermon tomorrow morning?

5 thoughts on “We Ran Away”

  1. Holidays make all kinds of family memories turn over, so that’s not a bad sign at all.
    A happy easter to you and yours!

  2. was just wondering if you’d got to see PL this weekend – and so glad that you did. Running away for the weekend sounds marvellous!!! Good for you !!!

  3. Ps read your previous comment as
    Sons #1 girlfriend and wondered how many he has … must be the medication … please God let this cold and flu be gone soon!

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