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Snowdy Thursday

Molly's Snow Den

Here is Molly in her den under the snow-burdened branches of a forsythia.

Can you see her?

(Click through to Flickr for a larger view.)

Empty Nest

No dog here now!

Molly is back in the house, watching The Princess play Super Smash Brothers Meleé. Sam wore himself out running in circles through the den after Molly left it. Snowman remains abed. The evening’s service has been canceled, which is both a disappointment (my favorite service of the year other than Easter Sunrise) and a relief (there is a lot of snow here and a long way to travel). Many of our Deacons have no power, including one who is trapped at home since her garage door is electric! I worried about having the decision made based on my distance from church, but I’m told my name never came up in the discussions.

A note of interest: when I called the TV stations to report the cancellation, I discovered that no one knows how to spell "Maundy." I refrained from a sermon on Jesus’ mandate that we love one another. I had a half-written meditation for tonight and will probably post it later.

Meanwhile, we’re eating coffee cake and contemplating shoveling.

9 thoughts on “Snowdy Thursday”

  1. Oh my goodness! tis Spring here today…Wish you could all be round our Table here this evening – can’t imagine how I’d feel if it weren’t possible to celebrate the Eucharist this evening. Hugs, loves and blessings xxxx

  2. I feel sheepish admitting this, but I’d so much prefer being snowed in right now, than out braving the miserable elements of MI (wicked-cold, a fierce wind, but not enough of anything to warrant any change of plans), making communion visits, prepping for tonight…I’d like to sit in the cozy chair, near the fire, with some knitting, and your lovable Berners nearby! Blessed Snowy Thursday!

  3. My goodness!!! I cannot imagine such snow, ever, and certainly not in Holy Week!
    But just think, come August you will be laffin’ at us with 110 F temps…

  4. love the pics (saw them first in flickr as I was downloading there) so didn’t know to look for Molly
    Blessed Easter… shame the service was cancelled but it seems that that was the wise thing to do for all concerned! Enjoy the free evening and the devotion – the snacks sound lovely

  5. When I look at these pictures and hear about canceling services, I am flabbergasted. But then, I have NEVER in my adult life lived in such weather.
    It also reminds me that I tell people who ask why I live in Hurricane Land, that I prefer to not have to shovel my precipitation.
    As a pediatrician, my fellow baby docs are going to be verrrry busy in your area in 9 months. Spring fever + snowed in + no electricity = babies.

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