17 thoughts on “Snow Berners”

  1. And in case you’re wondering, there was another version of this post, but it looks like Google Video loads faster. And Molly is the one who says, “Wroo Wroo!!”

  2. Oh that’s marvelous!
    Wish I felt the same way about this late snow as Sam and Molly appear to. I feel inclined to grrrrrroowwwwwllll in a most unplayful manner.

  3. Yes, that’s me, and you can also hear The Princess encouraging Molly’s Wroos and commenting on the good snow Sam is enjoying.

  4. All the Wroos down in Wrooville liked snowfall a lot, but the Wrinch, who had to shovel it, did not…
    And if you want me to forget #1 Son’s name for Sam you should tell him not to keep calling Sam that when I am there…
    So there: 😛

  5. I showed Ken your movie. Guess what he says, “you recognize that voice because she sounds just like you!”
    How weird is that!?
    Second weirdest thing: we are predicted to have SNOW SHOWERS, HERE. In north Texas. On Saturday AND Sunday. Easter weekend. Not very much, but…
    Waitaminute! This isn’t Maine, for crying out loud! Texas!
    Head spinning…

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