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In the Forecast for Today

Here is the forecast for today:

  • Light snow this morning.
  • A hastily arranged double wedding at 10 a.m. (Make sure the chancel is tidy first!)
  • A hospital call on a pillar of the church.
  • Switching to a mix of rain and snow by noontime.
  • A desperate hunt for something new to wear on Sunday.
  • A last-minute trip to the grocery store for essentials.       
  • A Nor’Easter predicted to drop 5-10" of wet, heavy snow overnight.

A Snow Day on Maundy Thursday? Check back tomorrow for more forecast details.

14 thoughts on “In the Forecast for Today”

  1. a double wedding on the wednesday before easter???? that sounds like my hastily arranged double weddings two days after christmas! hope they’re FUN. and blessings on you in the stress, the weather, all of it…

  2. Ah, yes, weather in New England in the Spring…tra, la–it brings the shovels back out of the garages and double wedding bands to help with carrying Easter baskets through the knee deep snow.

  3. What is it with spring? In your neck of the woods, it snows. Here in the South it’s already hot and humid, just like, um, summer. I’d really like some sunny, 60 to 70 degree days before we get to the inferno.
    I hope the wedding was fun, or weddings were fun.

  4. here it was MINUS 7C this morning and only got up to a max of 2C all day. Grey, such a cold wind and not lovely in any way.
    To top it all I’m running a temperature and have a sore throat – and ought to be getting on with proof reading and other things, but I’m off to bed – if I study there, I think I’ll fall asleep double quick. Sigh I had a check up today and announced that I hadn’t had any colds, flu or other resp infections all winter. Trust me to open my big mouth. Sigh sigh sigh.
    I leave for Tallinn Sunday and have exams next week – pray for a swift recovery please

  5. yikes. It’s gross here, too. And I thought I was being oh so productive when I put away all my winter clothes. A Maundy Thrusday snow day would rock my sermon not yet written world.

  6. My winter clothes are never put away…and now you know why.
    My sermon is only a mediation, and it is only outlined. We’ll see how it goes. The snow started to stick around 5:30 and it’s still coming down.

  7. The shopping trip for a dress did not fit into the picture of the day, but the plumber came and tightened the ancient leaky valve in our basement, and that was good.

  8. In Ellsworth we woke to more snow than we’ve gotten at one go all year long, at least a foot, and more coming down! . . . and a snow day for all four of us, which mitigates the seasonal outrage a bit. I do hope your various commitments flex reasonably: I’m wondering if our Maundy Thursday service will happen!
    Drive carefully, and breathe deeply!

  9. Thanks, Becky! I’m not sure yet what will happen about our service. I hear there are major power outages in the area of the church, but I haven’t heard from anyone there yet. Here we’re looking at broken branches, but we have power.

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