Holy Monday?

The morning began with a gift of small creature innards at the foot of my bed, deposited by a purring cat. Blech!

Now I am late to the office as I search for the leak that has more than doubled our water bill for the past few months. All three toilets are getting the blue dye tablet treatment. The nice young man at the Water District suspects the ancient toilet in the unfinished basement, the one no one has used for nine years. Can you tell me why we didn’t just turn that thing off?

This morning I was going to finalize my Maundy Thursday service plans and bulletin. Guess that will have to wait.

7 thoughts on “Holy Monday?”

  1. Ah, well, if you had a vestry of Anglicans, then the answer to your question would involve the importance of the traditions of the past, and maintaining a connection to them…and in truth, I’ve actually received this answer in regards to something that is almost as ridiculous as a toilet that no one has used in nine years.
    But whether it was a light bulb, a drinking fountain, or a dishwasher, I won’t say.

  2. I really like the “not for human consumption” line.
    I guess one is to assume that since that is on there somebody actually tried to consume one? Maybe they were checking for a leaky valve in their heart. Or maybe they thought they had a bladder leak and wnated to be sure…
    Just love iot when the critters bring their critters.

  3. As it turns out, we *had* turned off the valve to that toilet, but water is still getting through. I have a call in to the plumber. I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence that I had plumbing problems the last time Pure Luck went away, too. Actually, I guess I had this trouble then, too, because I asked the drain specialist plumber about the sound I was hearing, and he said it was probably water going to the furnace. Again, sigh.

  4. was just about to say that PL has only been gone for a short while – but then realised that your water bill had been high for a while – so it’s not really connected.
    Our electricity and water bills will be sky high March April cos of puppy laundry! But oh they are worth it

  5. I have to laugh at the contrast between this and your last post. I wouldn’t call it the sacred vs. the profane, but maybe the exalted vs. the mundane? If I had time enough, and enough brainpower this time of day, I could probably come up with a pithy comment about incarnation, but instead I will just say that life on this earth certainly veers wildly between the two at times.

  6. renter here, no advice whatsoever other than call the super and whine. But I guess that won’t help you at all. But the whining might make you feel better at least!

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