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Image in a Good Day

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Sam and his Papa Bear

A Birthday Dog enjoys having his Papa Bear home. Sam turned 4 today.

Songbird and Pure Luck

Pure Luck (aka Papa Bear) is off to his next job. I’m wishing him well on the journey this evening and looking forward to seeing him sometime soon since he will be closer to home this time.

Molly and Sam 033107

After the Papa Bear got on the road, we took the dogs out for plain double cheeseburgers, known for this one day
as "Sam-Burgers." Sam and Molly thought it was a very good party.

(How did you like my pun?)

21 thoughts on “Image in a Good Day”

  1. Aahh, thanks for sharing the photos. Roxie turned 9 last wednesday…but she only got some nice dog cookies…never thought about plain hamburgers – good idea (especially with the dangers of dog food these days…)
    I’m glad he will be closer to home this time, five weeks is a long time! Especially two five weeks in a row.

  2. Songbird, I thought the 2nd picture was one of the Princess until I looked at it close up and realized it was you.
    Pure Luck must be rubbing off with you in terms of the puns 🙂

  3. hey Mindy turned 3 today Sam … so joint samburgers for you both I think 🙂 (not that she’s ever had one.. poor wee thing!)
    Great you had a good reunion day . you both deserve it. HOpefully he’s got time off for good behaviour at Easter!

  4. Double cheeseburgers? Am I missing what is probably a really obvious joke? I hope so–those are probably the worst things anyone could feed a beloved pet (even though beloved pets go ga-ga for them; our dog would eat ten of them in one sitting, if she found them).

  5. Yay for the photos! I thought I’d stop by & see if you’d had a chance to post yet…and what a reward! looks like a great time was had by all. You are TOO CUTE.
    And yay for the gray! This is clearly my year for it (getting it) and I am very fascinated by it. I said to Ken, “So this grey hair I’m starting to get…” (just wanting to see what he thought about me coloring it..) he instantly responded, “I LOVE IT!”
    Woo, major brownie points for HIM!
    Glad PL is closer to home this time.
    Blessings to you my friend!

  6. You cut your hair, didn’t you? Looks great! And I love the picture of you and Pure Luck. Thanks for sharing them.
    Your new blog design is wonderful! It’s very easy to navigate.

  7. I *did* get a hair cut! I’m going a little shorter to facilitate the graying process. I wish it were that easy to adjust height or weight…

  8. Everyone should be married to a redhead.
    Just saying…
    Love the pictures of you both!
    Happy Birthday to Sam!
    Molly, you are a PRETTY dog!

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