In the Middle of the Night

Around 3, I hear the sound of a big dog moving around.
I sit up to look over at Sam, who has been sleeping in my room.
No Sam.
Instead I see Molly’s head pop up, looking excited!
She gives a muffled, middle-of-the night "wroo."

Did I mention she’s been diagnosed with arthritis in her wrist and probably ought not be doing stairs? (Sigh.)
I go downstairs and let her out, worried that the slight increase in her anti-inflammatory dose is making her sick.

I go into the bathroom, still worrying.
I go to the back door and find she has tucked herself under a bush she likes.
She does not come when I call.
It’s snowing.
(It’s March 25th!!! Could you stop with the snow?)
I get some good-smelling treats, put on my fleece vest and Crocs and go out into the snow.

I go over to the bush to get her attention.
She doesn’t respond to the good-smelling treat.
Now I am really worried.
I decide to go check out her bidness, to see if it is disturbing in nature.

Bear in mind that it’s dark and snowing and lots of old poo that has been uncovered during melting is now covered again.
I hew close to the swingset, walking in spots where it would be awkward for dogs to potty.

I discover that the poo is perfectly normal; she just didn’t go out in the evening.
Who was supposed to check on her and let her out?
(He’s in trouble.)
I have to go under the bush and put the venison jerky against her nose.
Finally she decides to get up for the jerky.
Maybe the name of the treat should tell me something.
We go inside.
I change my nightgown and go back to bed.
Three hours later I wake up, zombie-fied.
I’m drinking a big cup of coffee.

How are you this morning?

21 thoughts on “In the Middle of the Night”

  1. i’m zombie like too on this sunday morning though i’ve no dogs to blame…just continental airlines… my little getaway proved exhausting… blessings on your worship leadership today.

  2. Ugh… there’s just nothing worse than interrupted sleep. Sending you a mega giant sized mug for your java and hoping you get through your service without the jitters. (((Songbird)))

  3. Snow?? – It’s spring? It’s hot here – we have had the a/c on for the past couple of days (albeit for a very short time).
    A dog has to do what a dog has to do – and sometimes that is in the middle of the night – especially when someone doesn’t let them out when they are supposed to! Hope you get a little nap this afternoon!

  4. ew, snow and poo! on March 25 yet!
    Hoping things smooth down for you and you are able to have a good morning’s worship despite it all. And, as Teri said, insist on the nap! Maybe Snowman’s punishment (er, consequences) could be that he has to ENSURE quiet for the specified time of the nap? Whatever that takes?

  5. Similar. Frickin’ Baby Blue went to frickin’ bed at 12:30 and woke up at frickin’ 7:30. Frickin’ NAPS. NO MORE NAPS!
    On the other hand, if Molly needs to go out before 12:30AM, I’m sure Baby Blue would be happy to take her. And happy to examine any poopies created in the process, too.

  6. our church meeting is over … praise God. nothing more to say except the puppies are a delight. Wish you could come visit …

  7. Oh, my. The trials of being a dog mama. (The Scientist thinks I devote way too much attention to the functioning of Amie’s elderly digestive tract.)I hope you get a nap this afternoon.

  8. I’m guilty of it, too, Zorra. Not thirty minutes ago, after an odor most foul emanated from UnderBed, I shooed The Boy out of said lair, checked it for a physical manifestation (there was none, thank goodness), then escorted him outside and said the words until he finally complied.
    “Good boy poops” should not be among my favorite phrases. Yet, it is.

  9. I “rested,” which is sometimes better than an actual nap with the resultant post-nap coma. It’s a really beautiful day here, and it was good to get outside, somewhere other than my poopy backyard…
    Thank you for your kind and supportive comments.
    Phantom, I don’t know who needs the vacation at my house more, Baby Blue or her Mama!

  10. You didn’t wake up Snowman, screaming at him? That is likely what would have happened in my household. See, it’s probably a good thing we don’t have any dogs.

  11. ((songbird)). I hope you get a nap today…and fear not, it is 77 degrees here today, which means you will probably have this weather in a day or two…of course it’s just mud on the grass, but everywhere else it’s great…windows wide open!

  12. SNOW…it was 89 here yesterday.
    Just in time for the Dogwood Festival.
    Poor Molly. Give here a hug for me.
    One of our members has a Bermese Mountain Dog also. his name is Lance and he loves to lick me in the face.

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