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The Wind in the Door

Snow piled high along the curbs made parking anywhere downtown today difficult. I parked two blocks from the coffee shop, the closest I could get a space. The sun shone valiantly, but the weather here remains wintry. In brown fleece cape, grasped tightly, I crossed the street and hurried to meet an old friend.

We sat over a latte and a mocha, reminisced and looked ahead, sitting by a window. Grayer-haired, aging, we talked about children almost grown, friends who divorced, college financial aid and our careers. I named the relief of talking about church with a friend not also a colleague, much as I love the colleague-friends, too. She described the challenges of making a career in the arts, still

Outside, the weather grew blustery, and a sudden gust blew through the front door opened by an even older woman in hair grayer than ours. The crumpled napkins on our table flew away behind me.

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  1. Hey, just wanted you to know that I’ve been peeking in on this space. Got any fragments to offer us? 😉

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