Quick Kitty Update

Because Jane Dark asked…
None of our kitties seems to be showing any of the symptoms associated with renal failure, thank heaven. They are all behaving as usual, eating and drinking as usual, and doing their bidness as usual. I do have a call in to the vet and hope to get confirmation that I don’t need to be worried. (Not that I don’t find things to worry about anyway.)
I read a scary story about a Bernese Mountain Dog who died after eating affected food. This is really awful. I’m a little worried that Molly may have gotten into the cat food, since she is always trying to do so, but she seems herself as well. And she has a check-up on Friday, anyway.
I’ll let you know more if there is anything more to know.

7 thoughts on “Quick Kitty Update”

  1. Yeah, nothing liek returing home from retreat to discvoer another cat food scare. Melech’s brand was not effected or in question at all.
    Had no troulbe seeign he was healthy as he ran, jumped, played, grabbed my feet, etc.
    So ncie to be missed by the little guy

  2. Thankfully my two cats and two dogs seem ok as well. None of their food was affected, although one brand (but not the kind) of cat food we use is on the “maybe” list….
    Glad to hear that yours are all well…what a tragic thing to happen.

  3. I’m glad all is well at your house. Our cats are fine also. We have switched them off the chunks ‘n gravy food they were on. It was on the list, but from a different lot number, but we’re not taking any chances.

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