Enough already!

On top of a foot of snow, we are now receiving the special gift of sleet/freezing rain.

That stuff does not want to come off the dogs’ coats.

#1 Son is traveling back to school today, and I am a bit worried about the conditions.

Pure Luck’s work schedule may not allow him to come home between jobs.

And the canned cat food I was feeding my Old Man Cat, whose palate we are trying to tempt? May have been among those involved in the major recall. And we have recycled all the little cans. And all three cats ate it.

Excuse me a moment, I have to look up the symptoms of feline renal failure.

20 thoughts on “Enough already!”

  1. Oh goodness. Nothing terrifies me more than people I love travelling on wintry bad roads.
    And the cat food recall? Haven’t you had a rough enough winter??

  2. Good grief! Hope your son has safe travel and that your cats suffer no ill effects of the recalled food.
    Sorry about Pure Luck’s schedule. I can tell how much you are missing him.
    And you – you stay safe yourself!

  3. Oh dear I hope all goes well, that son 1 gets back to college safely, that Pure Luck manages to get home, and that your cats are all OK!

  4. hopefully your tins weren’t among the bad batch …or that it was just an extra saftey precaution! … praying …
    and we’ve got wet snow here today too … yuck all round

  5. I refuse to go outside in this icky weather. It’s a day for pajamas, preaching practice and pancakes. I’m so glad I don’t have to shovel. And it’s still coming down! I hope you are warm.

  6. !!!!
    I’m sorry about all of the above, but right now especially the cat food thing! I bet it will be OK, though. I hope things calm down for y’all soon.

  7. I hope the son drives safe.
    Montana happens to be sunny and 62 at the moment, at least in my corner of the state; quite a lovely spring day (considering it’s not yet spring). Not to worry though, we’ve got one more snowstorm waiting for us yet.
    Prayers for safety to all.

  8. ((((songbird))))
    ((((songbird’s son))))
    ((((songbird’s cats))))
    We got almost a foot of snow here too, and to think two days ago it was so warm I wore shorts on my daily walk. Gotta love March!

  9. Oh, I’m so sorry! Poor kitties. Hope they are ok.
    That ice/rain/sleet stuff sucks. Stay safe and warm.
    Hope tomorrow is much much better!

  10. Would now be a bad time to let you know that it is supposed to be in the 80’s here today??

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