The Cast of Characters

I seem to have some new readers and thought it might be a good time to clear up any questions about the cast of characters.

Songbird–yours truly–blogger since 2003, but really didn’t do it seriously until March 15, 2004. Made the switch from Blogger to Typepad in September, 2005, which is why you see no comments on earlier posts. I am a reader, a knitter and a music lover, as well as a writer. I like my life at 45. I grew up in Southern Commonwealth, but have lived in Vacationland for almost 20 years. I’m a United Church of Christ minister, ordained in 2002, the same year I married…

Pure Luck–a brave man who married a woman with three children and numerous cats. He travels for his work in the nuclear biz, is an AT thru-hiker (Southbound in 2000), excels at puns, is an excellent writer and put a lot of that skill to work over the years devising D&D universes for tabletop games. He is 11 feet tall.

(He’s really 6’4", which is humorous since I am 5 feet tall).

Supporting Characters:
#1 Son recently turned 21, attends Formerly Methodist Currently Hiptastic University in a Non-Contiguous New England State, where he is a Junior double-majoring in Theatre and English. He hopes to make a career of acting, but if he should end up teaching English, it might not be a bad thing, considering that I have never known anyone with a better memory of and love for books, or a more powerful evangelical drive to get people to read the books he loves. He has been dating Dos (a blog name she picked for herself) for about a year, if dating is what they do in college. When he is home there are more dirty glasses and we go through a lot more milk.

Snowman (aka #2 Son) is 16, is a sophomore at Hippy-Dippy High School, plays the clarinet and is generally into music. He has a dry sense of humor. He used to work at our vet’s office, so we still say he is "the closest thing we have to a doctor around here." He plays in two youth ensembles and gets together with friends to play jazz, too. He fills our house with the sounds of Mozart and Schubert, which is a good thing. He is hoping to make music his career. He has been known to fall asleep standing up in the shower.

(Yes, that’s two sons likely to come home and live in the attic.)

The Princess is 11, a 6th grader at Renowned Middle School. (The Princess is on the leadership team for the service project highlighted on the linked page.) She takes a great interest in the relationships amongst her classmates and is an expert at accessorizing. She sings, plays piano and xylophone, and every now and then tells me she might like to be a minister. Being the mother of an 11-year-old girl is challenging. I now feel sympathy for my mother. Sadly she died in 1993, so I cannot apologize to her for having been 11 once myself.

I post pictures of the kids occasionally, but most of them are on my private Flickr setting. If you want to see pictures and are on Flickr, let me know and I’ll make you a "friend." I was married to their dad from 1983-1997. He lives close by and sees a lot of them, and is known here as The Father of My Children.

The Children of the Second Marriage:
Molly and Sam are Bernese Mountain Dogs. Because of them, to my utter amazement, I joined a dog club, where I’ve had the privilege of doing two Blessings of the Animals. You can find pictures of them by clicking on my Flickr badge. Molly recently turned 5 and is certified as a therapy dog. Sam will be 4 at the end of March and likes to eat things he should not. When Pure Luck is away, my saving grace is the dogwalker, LeashWeCanDo. Molly has a blog. Sam prefers watching the door and notifying me when we have visitors.

The Cats:
Nicky, the Old Man Cat, is 15 and starting to fade. He was the cat who kept me going during the marriage break-up in 1996.
Puss Puss, the Cat Who Likes People Outdoors, came to us at the same time and is going on 12.
Baby, the Cat Who Pees and Vomits, joined our family when we moved to this house in 1998. She is 11 or 12 (her age was uncertain when we got her) and seems to enjoy skating on the thinnest imaginable ice.

The Locations:
City By the Sea is the small city where we live, population in the 60,000’s with another 100,000+ in the Greater CBtS Area. We are on a Bay, near the ocean, surrounded by natural beauty and lots of fine and performing arts. It’s a fairly hip city.
Main Street Church in Old Mill Town is about 45 minutes away; I’m doing an Interim there for the next year, give or take a bit.

Any questions? (Anyone still reading?) Can you believe we’re supposed to get a big snowstorm today?

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  1. Are you supposed to get it, too? #1 Son and Dos are meeting up in Beantown tomorrow to go back to school, and I am worried about the traveling.

  2. Your blog was one of the first I started reading Songbird, and I love it, love you, love your cast of characters, would love to have you as a pastor, and so enjoy seeing what is going on in your world. Have a blessed weekend!

  3. You can tell yourself that what they do in college is called dating–and I will look at you with a totally straight face and tell you that you are right.
    That’s how good a friend I am.

  4. Thanks for the cast update – I now realize I recently referred to The Father of [Your] Children as your hubby. Whoops! – sorry ’bout that!

  5. Thanks, Songbird! Now I’ve got it. 🙂
    I’m on Flickr as naturalscientist. Would love to see your darling kids, and I have a few wedding pics up too.

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