Slightly Pathetic Bullets of Thursday

I had hoped to write something interesting today, but all I can tell you is the following, in no particular order:

  • Going back to work when you are still not 100% takes all your energy.
  • A nap at 4:30 p.m. helps in some ways and hurts in others.
  • I hope Snowman and The Princess will not practice clarinet and xylophone in adjoining rooms at the same time ever, ever again.
  • Especially not right before, during or immediately after a 4:30 nap.
  • A good thing about the xylophone is it’s always in tune.
  • #1 Son’s mustache is beginning to twist.
  • I suppose as long as I don’t have to groom it or kiss it, it ought not matter that much to me.
  • He’ll be portraying Matthew Brady in a play this summer.
  • Matthew Brady had some pretty impressive facial hair.
  • The Princess has improved her xylophone skills significantly since the Christmas Concert.
  • She could be heard over what seemed like thousands of other instruments at the citywide Band Concert tonight.
  • A joke courtesy of The Father of My Children, upon seeing Handbells on the program–"Isn’t that a violation of the separation of church and state?"
  • Jokes like that one make the children groan.
  • I would prefer a pun, and that’s saying something.
  • I have two sermons to preach on Sunday, and I need to rest my voice and the rest of me tomorrow and Saturday.
  • American Idol still fascinates me, in a horrified sort of way.
  • I’m considering claiming sleep as my new Lenten discipline.
  • The supersonic bedtime cough syrup is almost gone; I may have to call the doctor for a refill.
  • Whenever I get to see Pure Luck again, it will be a good thing.
  • I’ll try to write something better tomorrow, before I forget how.

7 thoughts on “Slightly Pathetic Bullets of Thursday”

  1. Quite a list! I must admit, I like your hubby’s sense of humor….
    Sleep as a Lenten discipline – sounds great. An old friend of mine once did take it as her Lenten discipline, to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. As a single (and working) mom to 3 kids, it was quite the challenge for her, but it turned out to be a very important (and spiritual) discipline. I’ve always thought it was worth a try but find it a tad daunting.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Lots of hugs, lots of sleep, and positively NO xylophone practice.
    Do try not to rush back into the thick of things too soon – though I realise that gentle easing in is probably just not going to happen.
    Take care in either case. xxx

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